Part 24

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Phantom wanted to howl, scream and kill every single one of the bastards with his bare hands, but all he could do was sit in that damn chair, trying to murmur words of assurance to Wolf. It was empty words, but it was the best he could do.

Wolf was gasping for breath, and other than the erratic movements of his chest, he didn’t move a muscle, just slumped in his chair. Blood was everywhere. From Wolf’s face and naked chest to the floor around him. Phantom knew he would be left to see Wolf bleed to death as an added form of torture. His own wrists were raw and bleeding from fighting to get free of the bindings, but he didn’t even notice the pain.

The door behind him opened, and Phantom tried to mentally prepare himself for whatever those sick bastards had planned next, but instead of the mafia goons, he saw Reaper step into his line of sight.

“Fuck,” Reaper muttered and rushed to Wolf. She pressed her fingers against his neck.

“Fuck, I hope the others get here soon. We need Mouse.” Reaper looked at him, and Phantom swallowed and forced his mouth to work. He wanted to ask a million questions but settled on asking the one that burned the most.

“Is he alive?”

“Yes, but just barely.” Reaper started cutting Wolf free, and he felt his own ties cut. He moved to get up, but his leg collapsed, and pain radiated from his knee and up into his stomach. Fuck.

“Leave him. He isn’t dying, not yet anyway. I need help here.” Reaper barked at the other person, and Phantom was glad. Wolf needed the help more than he did. He rolled to his back and stared as a woman with long flowing red hair and dressed in black walked over to Wolf. She helped Reaper get him to the floor, and together they started working on him. 

Death came rushing in and fell to his knees beside Wind. He checked for a pulse, and Phantom was glad to see the relief on Death’s face. So the big man wasn’t dead yet.

 Shouting came from the hall, and Phantom tensed, sure the men would come bursting into the room, but instead, he saw Bullet and Mouse, followed by the rest of his brothers.

“You?” Bullet shouted. Phantom could only look as Bullet tried to take Reaper down, tried being the operative word. The redhead stepped in the way, and before Phantom even realized what had happened, Bullet was on his knees, a gun pressed into the back of his head.

“Mmmm, tasty,” the redhead said, and Phantom just gaped at her as she leaned in and licked Bullet’s cheek. Bullet had murder in his eyes.

“Melissa, goddammit, stop playing around. Mouse, get over here and help before Wolf dies.”

“Bullet, stop trying to take out Reaper and get me up from this fucking floor. They busted my fucking knee.”

Bullet hesitated, but Melissa just looked at him as he slowly got to his feet. When he walked towards Phantom, Melissa put her gun away. Phantom took a deep breath and held it a second. One crisis averted.

“You look like shit, Prez,” Bullet said and grabbed Phantom’s outstretched arm.

“Yeah, well, you should see the other guy.”

“He got a nice bullet hole between the eyes,” The redhead, Melissa, said with a grin. Phantom swallowed a howl when Bullet pulled him to his feet and helped him to the couch that had been pushed against the wall during the party. Phantom watched as his brothers, under Mouse’s orders, carefully lifted Wolf from the floor and placed him on a couple of tables that had been pushed together. Phantom yearned to go to him, to make sure he was alright, but he was in no condition to help, and being in the way wouldn’t help Mouse save Wolf.

“Where’s Charles?” Melissa suddenly asked. No one answered her. Phantom looked around the room but couldn’t see any strange faces. The sudden thunder of a gun going off had everyone jumping, including Phantom. He couldn’t do anything but gape at the redhead as she slowly lowered the weapon she had fired into the ceiling.

“I asked, where the fuck is Charles?”

“Who’s Charles?” Phantom asked, and Melissa turned her eyes on him. Before she answered him, Priest came in, a sniper rifle over his shoulder and a young man held tight in his grip. The guy looked scared, and the black collar around his neck was in stark contrast to his pale skin. Phantom saw Melissa stiffen a second before her gun was aimed squarely at Priest’s head. “Let him go.” Her voice was hard and her hand steady. Phantom didn’t doubt for a second that she would put a bullet between Priest’s eyes if he didn’t let the young guy go.

“Melissa put the damn gun away. No one is gonna touch Charles, right Priest?” Reaper asked. She stepped between Melissa and her target. Blood covered her hands, and when she reached out and pulled Charles from Priest, Priest didn’t protest, just kept his arms at his sides to not provoke the crazy woman. Priest had always been wise. Reaper pulled Charles into a hug before pushing him towards Melissa, who hugged him tightly, and whispered into his ear, and Phantom could see Charles whisper back.

Phantom sat on the couch, unable to move much, and watched as people moved around in organized chaos. Wind was lifted from the floor and placed on two other tables, and Death and Don started working on him. He leaned his head back and relaxed into the soft cushions. He just needed to rest five seconds, and then he would be okay.

Published by Tea Spangsberg

Tea is an Author who claims to be a Viking, but in reality she would suck at it as she get terribly seasick.

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