Part 25

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“Easy, take it easy.” Reaper’s soft voice flowed over him, but it was a pair of big strong hands pressing against his chest. Wolf tried to break through the haze of pain, to figure out what the hell had happened, but his mind was blank. All he knew was that he hurt. He hurt more than he ever had before, including that day when his face had been carved up. He tried to sit up again, but the hands on his chest kept him down, and he couldn’t find the strength to fight them.

“You need to stay down. We’re safe, all of us are safe,” Phantom said above him, and Wolf figured it was Phantom holding him down. Wolf tried to open his eyes, but something pressed against them. A sliver of fear made its way into his mind.

“Why…” his throat was dry, making his already ruined voice harder to control. Something touched his lips, and then Reaper’s voice was back. “Here, drink a little of this. Mouse says you can have some real substance if you can hold down some water.”

Wolf greedily dragged water through the straw and let it soothe his raw throat.

“What happened?” He finally managed to say.

“What do you remember?” Phantom asked, and Wolf strained to make his mind work.

“Some guys in black, they, oh fuck, oh fuck.” Panic sliced at his chest as the memories of the knife against his skin came back. Phantom’s and Reaper’s touch and whispered words eased some of the panic, but it left him with a hollow feeling in his chest.

“Reaper got some help from a couple of friends and they saved all our asses,” Phantom explained.

“Death?” he asked. Death hadn’t been happy with them, and he needed to know if they were still in the dog house.

He heard Reaper’s deep sigh before she answered, “He still gets to spend some time with Emily.”

“Your daughter?” Wolf wasn’t sure if he had imagined that part or not.

“Yeah, my daughter.”

Wolf let the news settle. Reaper had saved them all. He moved a little, and pain flared in his stomach.

“How bad is it?”

“I’m not gonna lie. They worked you over pretty bad. Mouse stitched you up, but you’ll get new scars.”

“How bad?”

“They added four new ones to your face. They cut your eyelids which is why you can’t open your eyes. Mouse says your eyes should be fine. They didn’t damage them, but you need to keep them closed for at least a few days. They also cut into your stomach, chest, arms, and legs. You’ll have around twenty new scars to add to the collection.” Phantom’s voice had gone dark, and Wolf grabbed for his arm. Phantom’s rough fingers closed around his, and he gave them a slight squeeze.

“I never cared about the scars I had, and the new ones will be no different. We’re alive. That’s all that matters.”

The room fell silent, and he could almost feel the tension gather in the air. “What is it?” he asked. It was Reaper that answered him.

“I’m leaving tonight.”

“Why?” He didn’t want her to leave. 

“Because I can’t stay.”

He waited for her to explain, but she never did. But then, she didn’t really need to. She had already told them that she didn’t stay in one place. That she didn’t want to feel trapped. 

Soft lips pressed against his, and then Reaper whispered in his ear. “I need to go get ready, but I’ll come back here to say goodbye before I leave.”

Wolf turned his head in the direction he thought Phantom was as soon as he heard the door closing. “You can’t let her go,”

“And I can’t keep her here against her will. She’s leaving with Melissa and Charles. I’m guessing they will get Emily from somewhere, though Reaper has been completely close-lipped about it.”

“Melissa? Charles?”

“Yeah, Reaper’s friends.”

Wolf could hear the humor in Phantom’s voice.

“How exactly did they help, again?” he asked to distract himself from the thought of Reaper leaving.

“Remember when Reaper mentioned she was a contract killer?”

“Yeah, kind of hard to forget.”

“Well, turns out that Melissa was the one to get Reaper into the job after she ran from Death.”

Wolf chewed on the information for a bit. “And Charles?”

“Charles is…” Phantom hesitated, and Wolf could hear the humor in Phantom’s voice again.

“Is what?”

“I would say Melissa’s boyfriend, but I’m not sure that’s the right word.”

“What do you mean?”

“He wears a collar, and he basically does everything she tells him to do without question.”

“You mean like a…” Wolf struggled to find the correct word. “… Slave?”

“Kind of but not really. I mean, it’s easy to see they really care for each other, and Charles is one hell of a sniper.”

“And Melissa?”

“Damn, that woman is one hell of a firestorm. She has Bullet wrung so tight I’m surprised he hasn’t tried to kill her yet.”

“Good, that man needs someone to rattle his cage a little.” Wolf settled on the bed, a sigh leaving him.

“Go to sleep again. Reaper will not leave without saying goodbye.” Phantom’s soft lips brushed his, and Wolf let sleep drag him under again.

Published by Tea Spangsberg

Tea is an Author who claims to be a Viking, but in reality she would suck at it as she get terribly seasick.

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