Part 26

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“Here, drink.” A bottle of tequila and two shot glasses were placed in front of her. Melissa sat down on a chair beside her.

“I’m not going to drink tequila at ten in the morning.”

Melissa raised an eyebrow.

Reaper gave her a sneer. “Fine, I’m not going to drink at ten in the morning when Emily is here,” she told her best friend.

Melissa pointed to the pool where tourists enjoyed the morning sun. It was out of season, and the hotel was only at half capacity, so the place wasn’t too crowded. “Death is entertaining your daughter just fine. Charles is up in our room, his sniper rifle following your father’s every move, and Marston is keeping close watch too.” Melissa pointed to the hulking ex-soldier standing by the water, arms crossed over his chest, his dark eyes following Death’s every move. “And you, young lady, are moping.”

“I am not,” Reaper protested.

“Are too. What’s it been? Three weeks since you left that clubhouse, and you’ve been like this black hole ever since, sucking everyone down with your bad temper and dark moods. Well, it’s time to buckle up, honey. Now, drink, and then tomorrow, when Death has gone home, you’re going to pack up your stuff, put your daughter in the pick-up, and drive back to those guys. I already had Baby loaded on the back.”

Reaper just looked at her best friend and then shook her head in denial. “I can’t go back to them.”

“Why on earth not?” Melissa said and pressed the shot closer. Reaper didn’t think, just grabbed the glass and tossed the tequila back.

“Hell, Melissa, why do you think.. Hmm, let me see. Maybe because I got them all beaten. I almost got their prez and their VP killed. My father is Death. And oh yeah, I got a daughter. I spend a week with them, and yeah, I’m good, but even I am not that good.” She grabbed the refilled shot glass and tossed it back. The tequila burned, and she let the feeling settle. Maybe getting drunk wasn’t such a bad idea.

“So what? You’re just going to stay away? Not even giving it a chance?”

“I can’t do it, okay. I don’t do relationships. I will never let anyone have that kind of power over me ever again.”

“Honey, I love you. You know I do. So, believe me when I tell you that you’re an idiot.”

Reaper gave a snort and tossed back another round of tequila.

“If you want my opinion,” Melissa paused for a second and then smiled, “And even if you don’t. Yeah, life treated you like shit, and I know that that year in hell did a number on you. But those guys are dead, and yeah, it left you with some scars… okay, with a lot of scars, but it also gave you Emily, and hell, even your father is trying. You can’t let the past control your future.”

“Was that supposed to be some kind of pep talk?”


“Well, you suck at it.”

“Might be, but it’s the truth.”

Reaper released a deep sigh and rubbed her neck. She didn’t want to go back to the clubhouse. Except, her chest ached like someone had wrapped too tight iron bands around her every time she thought about Wolf and Phantom.

“Fuck,” She yelled and got a few angry looks from some of the nearby guests. She snarled at them.

Melissa started to laugh. “See, I knew it. So you’ll go tomorrow?”

Reaper looked out at the pool and watched as Death grabbed Emily around the middle and tossed her into the air. Emily squealed and landed in the water, spraying it all over the place. She bobbed up and down as her swim-vest held her above water.

Emily had loved having her grandfather in her life, and Death had spent the whole week with them at the hotel. She still felt uneasy about it. Not that she thought Death would take Emily from her, he wasn’t that stupid, but she couldn’t stop the fear that he would walk out of Emily’s life again, out of her life. And she didn’t want her daughter to go through that. She didn’t want to go through that.

Her thoughts went back to Phantom and Wolf again, as they had done constantly the last three weeks. She wondered how Wolf had healed. How the brothers were doing. She wondered if they would hate her if she showed up at their doorstep again. If they would hate Emily.

“So, are you going?”

Reaper grabbed the bottle and filled their glasses. “Yeah, I guess I am.”

Published by Tea Spangsberg

Tea is an Author who claims to be a Viking, but in reality she would suck at it as she get terribly seasick.

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