Part 27

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Phantom and Wolf sat outside the clubhouse, drinking a few beers and staring at nothing when the sound of a big motor broke through the early evening. They both ignored it since big vehicles weren’t unheard of in their neighborhood, even this time on a Saturday.

The engine cut off suddenly, and Phantom looked over at Wolf. “Did that car just stop outside our gate?”

“Sounds like it,” Wolf said, and both men got up, making their way to the gate.

“If it’s a chick on a bike, we tell her to go to hell,” Wolf growled, and Phantom rolled his eyes, though he didn’t much disagree.

Both men stopped dead when they rounded the corner, and the gate came into view. Reaper stood in front of a big pickup truck, her eyes hidden behind sunglasses and that damn smirk on her lips.

“What, no guns this time? I feel insulted.”

The sarcasm was all Reaper, but the nervous way she held herself wasn’t. Phantom’s chest was tight, and he felt rooted to the ground. What was she doing here?

“What do you want?” Wolf growled, and Phantom wasn’t sure if he should kiss or punch his best friend at that moment. Couldn’t he just shut up until Phantom got his mind working again?

“My bike needs to be fixed, and I’ve heard you have the best mechanic in town.” She took off her sunglasses and looked from Wolf to him. Phantom met her gaze, and the air trapped in his lungs left in a rush. He walked to the control panel and punched the code, letting the gate slide open.

“What the fuck, man?” Wolf said, glaring at him. Wolf took it pretty hard that Reaper left them. When Wolf gave his loyalty to someone, he gave it completely.

But even knowing all that, Phantom knew that if Reaper was willing to put her past behind her and give it a try, none of them would stay away. Even if Wolf might need more than five minutes to figure it out. After all, the guy always had been a stubborn bastard.

Reaper drove the car into the lot, and Phantom closed the gate behind them. She climbed out of the truck again and stood by the passenger side, watching them, her body almost vibrating with tension. Wolf still stood by the gate, glaring at Reaper, his massive arms over his chest. The air was thick with tension, and Phantom had no idea how to break it. Luckily, someone else did it for him.

“Momma?” the small voice came from inside the car, and Reaper almost jumped with it. She took a deep breath, turned, and opened the door. Phantom couldn’t see what she was doing, but she had a small child in her arms when she turned around. The kid looked tired and held a stuffed Harley toy in her hand. Her head leaning against Reaper’s shoulder.

“Emily, this is the guys I told you about.”

The girl blinked and stared at Phantom. Phantom stood still under the scrutiny, the girl’s eyes so much like her mother’s. Watching, calculating. Emily’s gaze moved to Wolf, and Phantom saw the big man tense up. Yeah, he didn’t exactly have the best track record when it came to kids. They usually took one look at his face and started to cry, and the new scars, still red and ugly, didn’t really help.

Emily whispered something to Reaper, and Reaper put her down on the ground. The little girl paused, looked up at her mom, and walked over to Wolf. Wolf gave Phantom a panicked look before he knelt down to eye level. Phantom held back his laughter and watched as the big bad Wolf was reduced to panic by a five-year-old.

He glanced at Reaper, her eyes fixed on Wolf and her daughter, and he didn’t miss the way her hand was curled around something at the small of her back. He stepped beside her and gently grabbed her wrist, prying her hand away from the gun at her back. “Relax, he won’t hurt her.”

Reaper glanced at him, and a bit of the tension in her body left.

Published by Tea Spangsberg

Tea is an Author who claims to be a Viking, but in reality she would suck at it as she get terribly seasick.

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