Part 29

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Reaper woke nestled between Phantom and Wolf. The door was open, and Pup was sleeping on top of their legs, a heavy weight keeping them all in place. They needed a bigger bed. She lay in the silence and listened to the men softly snoring. Her men. She glanced at the clock on the table and sat up, panic running through her. It was almost eight.

“What is it?” Phantom mumbled and opened one eye to glare at her.

“It’s almost eight.” She said and began trying to crawl out of bed, scanning the floor for her clothes.

“Yeah, and we only went to bed four hours ago. What’s the panic.” Wolf growled and pulled the blanket over his head.

“Emily doesn’t sleep this long. She’s normally up by seven.” She managed to get out of bed, but her clothes weren’t anywhere. With panic in her throat, she found one of Wolf’s T-shirts and pulled it on. It was long enough to cover everything.

“Fuck, do you think something happened?” Phantom and Wolf both half-stepped, half fell out of bed. Only Pup looked to be unworried.

“I don’t know. She was pretty tired when we arrived, and it’s a strange house.” Reaper stopped and stared at the men in pure horror. “What if she went downstairs and the door locked behind her. She would have no way of getting back up here.” Stupid, stupid, stupid. How could she be so stupid? She ran over to Phantom’s room but found it empty, and she didn’t even give it a second thought before she ran down the stairs, Phantom and Wolf close behind her.

They came to a full stop when they entered the kitchen. Emily was sitting at the kitchen table, talking to Priest, who was in the process of cleaning a gun. They both looked up at them, and Reaper slowly breathed to make her heart pound.

“Hi, mom, look, Priest let me eat chocolate cereal.”

“Morning, baby girl. You scared me. Next time, wake me up, okay?”

“Okay.” Emily turned back to look at the gun. Priest held up a piece and started explaining it, but Emily rolled her eyes, and Reaper couldn’t help but laugh.

“I know how a gun works,” Emily said and pointed to the different parts, naming them.

Priest looked up at her, and Reaper shrugged. “She’s my daughter, and her nanny thinks it’s an important part of her education.” She felt hands around her waist and looked up at Wolf and Phantom.

“Nanny?” Phantom asked.

“Yeah, Marston. He’s been looking after Emily since she was two.”

“I’m guessing Marston isn’t a normal nanny.”

“Ex-navy seal.”

Phantom nodded, and Wolf’s throaty laugh rolled over her.

“Oh, I placed your clothes over there.” Priest pointed to a chair, and Reaper found her pants folded along with her other things. She pulled on her pants and sat down at the kitchen table.

“So, baby girl. What do you say that Phantom and Wolf show us around this place after breakfast?”

3 months later.

The house was just outside town, and the backyard ended in the forest. It was perfect, and Reaper had fallen for it the second she saw it. The fact that she wanted to buy a house had ended in a big argument, but in the end, Phantom and Wolf saw her side of it.

She didn’t want Emily to live full-time at the club. She would start at the local school after summer, and she was the weird kid without having to live at a biker stronghold. Reaper wanted to give her the opportunity to have friends over and have a normal life. Or at least more normal. So they bought the house.

Marston would live there full time along with Emily and Reaper. Phantom and Wolf would divide their time between staying at the club and the house. It wasn’t perfect, but Reaper was sure they could make it work.

“Priest, don’t step on my teddy.” Emily’s shouted order could be heard through the house, and Phantom laughed. Emily had quickly taken to the brothers, and she had them all wrapped around her little finger.

“She’s a great kid,” Wolf said and hugged her close.

“She is,” Phantom agreed.

“And well protected,” Marston said as he came into the kitchen with a box.

“Pity any boy who wants to date her,” Reaper said with a laugh, and the three men all wore the same expression on their faces.

“She is not dating before she’s eighteen,” Phantom declared, and Reaper hit him in the arm.

“Stop being such a grump. Every boy she’ll ever date will be too scared to try anything. Don’t worry too much.”

“Who’s dating?” Death asked as he walked inside, a giant pink unicorn under one arm.

“Emily,” Wolf said and grabbed a beer from the fridge.

“My granddaughter is not dating anyone before I’ve met them and approved.”

“Oh really? And you’ve just suddenly decided that?” Reaper raised an eyebrow, and all men in the kitchen wisely shut up.

Emily ran into the kitchen, all smiles, and Pup at her side. “Mom, can me and Pup go play in the garden?”

“Sure, honey.”

The kid and wolf turned and ran out the garden door. 

“So, about that color in the bedroom. I still think it should be green.” Phantom wrapped his arms around her, and she leaned back against his broad chest.

“I don’t care, as long as the bed is big enough,” She said and pulled Wolf down for a kiss. Both men grinned at her, but their moment was interrupted when a swearing Bullet and Don wrestled a dining table through the front door.

“Why the bloody hell do you need such a big and heavy table?” Don asked, and Reader couldn’t help the smirk when she met her men’s gazes. Her men, she liked that. She never thought she would find ‘that someone’ she would spend her life with, and she hadn’t. She had found two.


Published by Tea Spangsberg

Tea is an Author who claims to be a Viking, but in reality she would suck at it as she get terribly seasick.

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