Wicked Witch Snippet

Wicked with is a dark fantasy about love, loss and the consequences of the choices we make. For the road to hell is paved with good intentions, and promises that should never have been made.

My power traveled the long distance in seconds, and I felt the pulse of something living. Female, happy, laughing. The information burst in my head as I concentrated on that pulse of life. I held out my hand, the flames warming my fingers, and felt the beat of a heart in my palm. I flexed my fingers, felt the rhythm falter, missing a step or two. When I clenched my hand, the heart stumbled, then stopped. Sticky, warm blood ran down my fingers, and the smell of blood
became so intense I could almost taste it. I felt the woman collapsing on the ground, her head hitting the pavement.

For a heartbeat, nothing happened, and then it came. Power rushed through me like a wildfire spreading with the wind. I had paid for the magic with the rabbit’s life, and the woman’s death fed me, and only me. My lungs struggled to draw in air, and it felt like my skin was too tight, and still, the power roared through me, eager to be free, feed, and live. I buried my hands in the ground, pushing the power out until it crashed into the circle’s edge and the natural barrier. The power turned and hit me like a wave, but the force had lessened. There was a good reason witches liked to work in these places.

A growl vibrated through the clearing. I jumped to my feet, knocking over the metal plate and spilling its content on the ground. The fire died, and the connection I had formed died with it. I wrestled with my power, trying to force it back into its cage, but it didn’t go willingly. When it was finally locked away, I felt giddy and drunk, and a laugh broke from my lips as I gathered my things.

The air was crisp, energy surged through my body, making my muscles ache with the need to run. The world looked like the most beautiful place, and that was the danger of using my magic, my power.

There was a reason why I lived out in the middle of nowhere. Magic was addictive, its own sort of high, but it always had its price. If I weren’t careful, the power could drain me and leave me as an empty husk, but not before it killed everything around me.

I had only been a baby when my power took my mother’s life, but she was only the first. The memories of those who had found the same fate as her, tried to push their way into my mind. I shuddered as a chill that had nothing to do with the snow on the ground went through me. I couldn’t go down memory lane. Not now, not ever.

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