September Update – Writerly things

I can’t believe another month is almost gone, and that fall finally arrived (I’m writing this with rain and wind hammering against my windows. The sky is dark grey, and I’m very much tempted to light some candles – despite it being 9 in the morning.)

As most of you might already know, I’ve finally gotten down and dirty with the next book in the Tamora Andrews Series – Dragonthrone. My hope is that I’ll finish the manuscript mid December. Then it can “rest” over Christmas and I can get back to it with fresh eyes in January.

Publishing date isn’t set yet, but it will be in 2023.

If you’re curious about it, you can read about the book HERE and the first snippet HERE

Now, being who I am, I like to keep track of my progress. It motivates me to see my progress, and it helps keep everything running smoothly. So, to help myself I went looking for some kind of word tracker that could be used for that exact purpose.

Now, I didn’t find a perfect match, but I did find a template in google docs, made for NaNoWriMo. And with a bit of changing around, and updating to my needs, I made the “Write a book in 100 days” template.

The premiss is easy. You have 100 days to write 100.000 words.

That means writing 1000 words a day, which at the beginning might seem like a lot, but ass soon as you develop the habit it’ll flow much easier. At least, that’s the case for me.

If you want to try the template, and maybe use it for your own writing, feel free to check it out and copy it to your own google docs -> Write a book in 100 days

To round off this monthly update about writerly things, I want to mention Author Interviews… Because I’ve started them on my blog (happy dance) It’s something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time but I haven’t been sure how to actually do it, but I finally just jumped into the deep end, and contacted a fellow Indie Author and asked if they would be interested in doing an interview for my blog.

So, Dylan Altoft became the first author to be featured on the blog, and you can read the interview here – Author Interview With Dylan

If you’re an author and would like to be featured in an author interview, you can read more about it here – Author Interviews

I love to hear from my readers, so leave a comment and brighten my day <3

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