Author Interview – Seth Hobbs

Today’s Author Interview is with Author Seth Hobbs. Seth is the author of the Sendyne Empire Series, with the first book – A Sword of the Three Rivers – being up on Amazon right now.

Seth writes Epic Fantasy, High Fantasy, and Fiction books, and he’s currently working hard on book 2 – Four Puppet Kings & a Fool – which will be coming very soon.

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An exiled warrior on an unforgettable odyssey, filled with political
intrigue, vixens, and warlords, but massive empires and phantom threats put them all in danger!

– Super short sales pitch for A Sword of the Three Rivers

Questions about the writing process:

Do you prefer stand alone novels or series as an author?

I think a lot of readers prefer series, but if the book is good enough on its own, it will become a true classic. I love the long run of series though, giving you something to look forward to.

How much do you write each day?

A couple thousand or more, whenever I get a few minutes.

What’s the hardest scene to write?

Describing fantasy places from my imagination, and conveying it well.

How many unpublished / unfinished books do you have lying around?

2 unpublished books. 1 is the sequel to “A Sword of the Three Rivers”, and it is coming VERY SOON! It is halfway done!

How much have your book changed from first draft to published/now?

I have gone back and added new maps to show off my fantasy world, and a few other things. I move and write and publish at a very fast pace. It may be a weakness, but I am also confident enough with the quality of my work that it feels like a strength. I am just getting started, though, so it will take a little while to grow my brand.

Thoughts about writerly things:

Book reviews, do you read them?

Absolutely. I think authors are obsessed with them, and readers need them to get an idea of what awaits them. As an Indie author, I am discovering just how difficult it can be to get a lot of reviews at the beginning. Every honest review is worth its weight in gold.

And how do you handle the positive and the negative ones?

I am very new, and so far, I have been blessed. I only have a handful of reviews on Amazon, Goodreads, etc. and they have all been very kind. Most people seem to love the fast paced adventures, wars, and conspiracies thus far. I am sure I will meet with negative reviews at some point, but I will try to learn from constructive criticism. I am always asking friends or readers to give me feedback on what they love/hate about my work.

What’s the best writing snack out there?

Whiskey, Moonshine, Beer, chocolate, crackers, etc.

If you could choose any side character from your book to write a spin off story about – who would it

Probably Governor Akasi of the city-state island of U’naple’. He and his brother get into big trouble with colonial overlords, and it would be fun to examine their own rags to riches story of coming to power on the sandy beaches of their island. We will meet them again, though, in some capacity in “Four Puppet Kings & a Fool”, Book 2 of my ongoing series. This book is going to be awesome in exploring much deeper into the world of Book 1.

Personal stuff:

Do you prefer stand alone novels or series as a reader?


Do you ever google yourself?

Yes, I think I have a couple of times, but not recently.

Do your family and friends support your writing?

Yes. I have some friends who are amazing in supporting me. Some of my family is very supportive, and others are lukewarm. Sometimes they even complain about the scenes/language, which I don’t think is too extreme, but I just write in my own style and keep on trucking. If people like it, they will keep reading. I truly think some family and friends will wait a long time to actually finish my works, but maybe they will read it years later, and finally realize the great worlds and characters and ideas that they missed.

What do you do when not writing?

Play Battlefield games on Xbox, shoot pool, read, teach, play guitar, hang out with my beautiful wife and kids, and enjoy great food and drinks. We have a newborn AND a teenager at home, so life can be a bit hectic right now, but I am very blessed!

What’s your spirit animal?

Probably a lion. My zodiac sign is Leo, so I have a lot of passion, love, loyalty, and probably argue too much and enjoy being in the front lines, or the center of attention. We are overboard sometimes, but also very generous and majestic, fiercely working hard to protect those we love and never giving up on our truest ideals

A big thank you to Seth Hobbs for patiently answering all my questions. And remember to pick up his book – A Sword of the Three Rivers – on Amazon.

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