Author Interview – Gordon Bowman

This week’s author interview is with Gordon G. Bowman, author of Fractured, the first book in the Telepath series.

Gordon writes YA urban fantasy / Science fiction, and you can read more about his books on his website and social media.


A teenage girl with no memory possesses inexplicable mental abilities and martial arts skills. Given refuge at an international school for Telepaths, she begins to suspect that she may not like who she once was—and that who she is may soon cease to exist.

Fractured (Telepath #1)

Questions about the writing process:

Do you prefer stand alone novels or series as an author?

As an author with only one book out so far, I’m still finding my way. I originally thought FRACTURED would be a single novel, but after a while, I realized it would be at least a trilogy. I think a series facilitates a greater story arc for the characters. There’s more room for growth and exploration and subplots. A standalone novel, for me, would probably be more about the story than about a character arc. Both have their merits, so once I’ve finished my current series and then written a standalone, I imagine I will have a better idea which I prefer.

How much do you write each day?

On weekdays, I wake up at 5am and write for two or three hours before starting my day job. On weekends, I write as much as I can from morning until dinner time, with breaks for errands and chores that need doing.

How long does it take you to write a book?

FRACTURED took a very long time–seventeen years, in fact. I started writing it for my daughters as a book with a strong, intelligent teenage girl that they could relate to and be inspired by. Whenever I finished another chapter, I’d give it to them and they loved it. But I was never committed to it for some reason. Maybe it was imposter syndrome? I’d take breaks of months or years. Finally, I had a few months off between jobs, so I finished it off and, in so doing, discovered that I really loved just being able to write all day, every day. My goal now is to publish a new book each year, starting with the remaining books in the TELEPATH series.

What’s your goal with writing? Hobby/full-time?

My ultimate goal is to write full-time. I’m never happier than when I’m writing. And as an indie author, I really like the idea of being my own boss. I just need to get better at the marketing side of this!

Plotter or pantser or somewhere in between?

Oh, I’m a pantser. No doubt about it. I tried to be a plotter and failed spectacularly. I don’t have the patience to create character profiles and backstories and write plot summaries. The only technique that works for me is to just start writing. In some ways, it’s a lot of pressure to sit at the keyboard without having any idea what should happen next–but I love how it feels like the characters are writing the story themselves sometimes. And I love how letting the characters write the story means their actions will never feel contrived, as a way to arrive at the endpoint of a predetermined plot. I also love how as a pantser, I sometimes don’t know what will happen next, so I think of what would be the most surprising thing, and I go with it, which can result in the entire story changing direction.

Thoughts about writerly things:

Book reviews, do you read them?

I do. I know some authors say they never look at them, and maybe I could get there if I ever become a highly successful author with hundreds of reviews. But for now, I look at Goodreads many times a day, hoping to see another review and hoping that it’s a good one.

What’s the most important thing in a hero?

I think a hero needs to be flawed and needs to struggle. They need to be brave, which means being afraid but doing what needs to be done despite that fear.

What about in the villain?

I think the villain needs to have some good qualities in order to be interesting and complex, and three-dimensional. They need to believe they are the hero.

Tea or coffee? Maybe soda?

Every morning at 5am, I sit at my laptop with a freshly brewed cup of strong, black coffee. It’s my routine.

If you could choose any side character from your book to write a spin-off story about – who would it be?

Without giving too much away, my book offers wonderful opportunities for spinoff stories. I’ve been thinking of writing little side stories of some of the characters from earlier in their lives. These stories could be full-blown novels or just little stories I post for free on my website. I would especially like to write a story about Professor Chao as a young man.

Personal stuff:

Do you prefer stand alone novels or series as a reader?

As a reader, I think I prefer series. I love epic, sweeping story arcs with lots of characters who end up completely different from how they started.

Do your family and friends support your writing?

Absolutely! My daughters loved reading my book as they grew up, and they always encouraged me to finish it. My wife was super supportive and provided numerous rounds of editing that were extremely helpful before I hired a professional editor. And my mom, who was 87 years old when I published my book, actually read it and told me how much she liked it.

What book format do you prefer your books to come in?

I prefer paperback. I like holding a physical book in my hands and turning actual pages of paper. But I also like how paperback is smaller and lighter than hardcover.

What three words would you use to describe yourself?

I aspire to be creative, humble, and, most importantly, kind.

Do you have any pets?

I do! My wife Jennifer and I have a Border Collie named Tilly, a little beagle named Ella, and a tuxedo cat named Mister Spock. They add a lot of joy (and hair) to our household.

A big thank you to Gordon for joining me in this interview. Go follow him on your favorite social media, and remember to go pick up your copy of his book, Fractured. You can get it from all your favorite booksellers.

I love to hear from my readers, so leave a comment and brighten my day <3

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