Review – Pointed Love

I was gifted a copy of Pointed love in exchange for an honest review.

Pointed Love – Review


Get your candles, warm blanket, and favorite beverage, and settle in for a sweet Sunday read.

Pointed Love deals with long-term trauma, found family, and love.

Poor Emma has not had an easy life. targeted by en evil vampire she was forced to birth a son, whom she, despite the circumstances of his birth, came to love very much. But her tormentor won’t let her be and keeps hounding her over the years. A whispered word in the shadows, a quick attack leaving her broken and bruised. Never letting her forget that her tormentor is watching and waiting.

Even turned to vampire she can’t feel safe, and she develops fear and anxiety that hinders her from leaving the safety of her own property. Men scare her, especially those who tower over her, but when her son needs her, she doesn’t hesitate to travel to America to help him. What she didn’t prepare for though, was finding her mate.

Doc is a handsome man with bright white hair and secrets he holds close to his heart. He never dreamed of finding his mate, and when he does, he’s more than willing to give her all the time she needs to learn that he wants nothing but the best for her.

The book is the third in a series and while it can be read as a stand alone, I’d recommend reading the other books first as a lot of character’s are introduced in the other books, and a few times I was missing some background info to really understand what was going on.

The story between Emma and Doc is very sweet and despite Emma never having experienced a real relationship before, both of them are mature and their love and relationship reflect this maturity and respect.

I really enjoyed the dynamics in the book, and I’ll definitely recommend it to anyone who want a cosy afternoon read.

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