Hello and welcome you wonderful human being

I’m Tea, a Blogger, Coffee lover, Author, and Social Media Enthusiast. I’m also the mother of two absolutely wonderful beings. I live in the south of Denmark on a small island with my family. I claim to be a viking, but would be rubbish at it as I get terrible seasick, but let’s not tell anyone.

I love helping people and that’s what this blog is all about. I share tips and tricks to make life easier, blogging more fun, and hopefully the world a tiny bit better – that’s where the million cookies come in.

You will find posts about life, health, selfcare, mental health, productivity, and fun activities to do. Once in a while I throw in a bit of blogging advice, and then I share all my baking adventures and recipes.

As mentioned I’m also an author, though I do seem to struggle to publish my books. It’s the ever present doubt, that little voice telling me no one wants to read what I write. But one day I’ll get them published. My debut novel is called Dragon Slayer, and it’s just waiting for the day I feel confident enough to show it to the world ❤

I might also have a slight addiction to sharp-edged objects, and books of a peculiar nature.

What ever the reason you found my page, I hope you enjoy your stay.

Love, Tea