Summer has been super busy, with loads of travels, visits, and not much time at home to just relax, but the holidays are over, kids are back at school and so am I. It also means that I have time to go back to really work on my writing projects. The main focus right now... Continue Reading →

Crypt keeper

The gate to the graveyard squeaked as Jonah pushed it open. We both froze, staring into the dark, straining to hear if anyone was coming for us. "Sorry," he whispered and grabbed the gate more firmly. He heaved the heavy iron up, trying to prevent the rusted metal hinges from rubbing against each other. A... Continue Reading →


Writing prompt from Greg Strong on twitter “Man bites dog” I stopped in front of the prison bars and looked at my business partner and room mate, Jonah. “I go on one date, and you end locked up. What the hell where you thinking?” Jonah sat on the ground, doing his best to look innocent.... Continue Reading →

Wicked Witch Snippet

Wicked with is a dark fantasy about love, loss and the consequences of the choices we make. For the road to hell is paved with good intentions, and promises that should never have been made. Buy on Amazon My power traveled the long distance in seconds, and I felt the pulse of something living. Female,... Continue Reading →

Wicked Witch

So, it happened again. I published another book. I know, it's absolutely crazy. Third book this year. To be fair I've been working on these books in what feels forever, so it was time to let them all go out into the wilderness of published stories. Wicked Witch is dark fantasy about love, loss and... Continue Reading →

The Reaper Comes Knocking

Buy on Amazon Now Being part of the Sons of War is everything a man could wish for. Plenty of beer, easy women, and freedom to live on their own terms. But everything is turned upside down when a small, blond woman walks into their life, blowing everything they believe into little bits and pieces.... Continue Reading →

Dragonslayer snippet – House

Pieces of the house were strewn everywhere, from half a wall to tiny splinters. The green grass was dark where blood marked it. People wearing white coveralls walked around with black buckets, picking pieces of the dead up. The air was thick with the smell of blood. The whole scene seemed surreal, placed in the... Continue Reading →

Dragonslayer snippet – Troll

The acrid smell of rotten meat and old blood reached my nose seconds before I saw the troll. Its black eyes were touched with a streak of red madness, something that happened to old trolls sometimes. The end of a chain, locked around its neck, reached all the way down over its fat belly and... Continue Reading →

Review – Heather McCollum

I have fallen into a hole filled with Scottish Romance novels. I’ve never been a big romance reader, but my audiobook app popped up with one of Heather McCollum's Romance books as a suggestions, and I gave it a try. My first book, taken completely out of order, was The Rogue of Islay Isle, and... Continue Reading →

Princess Fluffybutt

Writing prompt from Friday the 11th of March "What the hell are you doing here?" "Yeah, in this situation, you're not allowed to ask that questions." I ducked the fireball aimed at my head and pressed against the side of the car. "How did you manage to screw this up so badly? Last I checked,... Continue Reading →

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