Darkness was all around her, the smell of sweat and blood lay as a blanket above her shivering body. Her hands were numb from the chains, the skin around her wrists long since ripped away by the rusted iron. She moved on the thin mattress and pain tore through her back where the whip had shredded her skin. A scream built in her throat, but she swallowed it and no more than a whimper left her mouth.

He didn’t like it when she screamed.

The sound of footsteps filled the darkness, and she fought herself to lie still, to not be weak and give in to her fear. Weakness is a sin to be punished. He had repeated those words with every lash of the whip.

The heavy breathing was close, so close, and she stopped breathing. Maybe he would go away, sometimes he just liked to watch. A tear found a way under her sewn together eyelids, slowly rolling down her cheek. A thumb, rough but still so gentle, took her tear away. The hand moved down her face and for a second she felt it close around her throat, tightening, closing, letting her believe it was finally over.

The pressure disappeared and a finger trailed down between her breasts, light as a feather, making more tears roll from her eyes. His hand reached her slit, rubbing a few times before pinching her clit hard. She screamed. She screamed until her head was filled with the noise of her own voice, but no sound ever left her.

He didn’t like it when she screamed.

The hand disappeared, and the heavy weight of his body crashed onto her. The sweet, alluring smell of his perfume filling her nose and making her want to vomit.

He was hard and big, pushing into her with force and power. A piece of her died with each of his grunts. When he was done, she felt the hot sticky semen slowly run out of her, and the smell of rusted iron filled the air as blood trickled from her back. His footsteps moved away, leaving her alone in the darkness, and she finally broke the silence, her voice weak and broken.

“Please, don’t leave me.”

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