I always have a big list of books I’m working on. and I know some of you are curious as of what stories I might be working on at the moment. All these stories are in the works, some further along than others.
This is not a full list, and there might be changes and some of these might never happen.


This is the sequel to DRAGONSLAYER that was published January 2022. Dragonthrone will be published 2023 – you can read more about it HERE

Beauty in the Beast

Beauty in the Beast is a retelling of the classic Beauty and the Beast. There will be lost princes, monsters and revengeful witches. This will be the first in a series of old fairytale retellings.


Forced into a marriage with a man who looks at her with hatred, Hannah sees no other choice than leaving everything she knows behind and run away. But our past has a way of catching up to us, and sometimes things are far from what they look. And beneath it all our hearts speak their own language no matter how much we tell them to shut up.

Seabound is a pirate/fantasy story about survival, love and finding our own way in life.

Blodbarn –> in Danish

Bloodchild is my first fantasy that I’m writing in my native Danish. There is no timeline on this one, but it is very funny trying to write a fantasy in my native tongue, even if it’s taking a bit longer than normal because the terminology is a bit weird (at least for me after writing for so many years in English)

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