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10 ideas for wrapping the perfect present

Let’s be real here. I love wrapping gifts. In fact I love wrapping gifts so much I’ve been known to redo the gifts already wrapped because I got a better wrapping idea. For me wrapping the things I buy is just as important as buying the gift. I don’t normally spend a fortune on my… Continue reading 10 ideas for wrapping the perfect present

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10 tips to survive winter darkness

This post was thought up by my boyfriend, so here's a shout out to him. Love you, babe ❤ If you wanna see some of his cool pictures, you can find him over on Instagram. November means darkness and cold weather. Here in Denmark November brings an average of 54 hours of sun (that’s less… Continue reading 10 tips to survive winter darkness

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10 favorite dinners

10 favorite dinners - Chosen by my kidsI’m lucky to have a couple of kids who loves food. There are very few things they’ll turn their noses up against, and mostly it’s when something is very spicy or oddly flavored. My youngest loves to try new stuff and have happily eaten snails, squid and mussels.… Continue reading 10 favorite dinners

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10 family friendly Halloween movies

Halloween is the perfect time for some cosy family movies. So make the hot chocolate, get the popcorn ready and snuggle under the blankets. Because here’s my top pick of family friendly Halloween movies. Casper I’m starting this list with Casper, the friendly ghost. The movie came out when I was 10 and I adored… Continue reading 10 family friendly Halloween movies