Part 25

If you’re new to this serial, you can find part 1 right HERE Wolf “Easy, take it easy.” Reaper’s soft voice flowed over him, but it was a pair of big strong hands pressing against his chest. Wolf tried to break through the haze of pain, to figure out what the hell had happened, butContinue reading “Part 25”

Part 19

If you’re new to this serial, you can find part 1 right HERE Phantom Phantom woke to the sound of bikes, a lot of them, as they broke through the normal evening sounds in the clubhouse. He turned to the window and looked out, then swore. “Fuck, Wolf, wake up. Death’s here already.” Wolf jerkedContinue reading “Part 19”

Dragonslayer snippet – House

Pieces of the house were strewn everywhere, from half a wall to tiny splinters. The green grass was dark where blood marked it. People wearing white coveralls walked around with black buckets, picking pieces of the dead up. The air was thick with the smell of blood. The whole scene seemed surreal, placed in theContinue reading “Dragonslayer snippet – House”

Happy March

We are now three months into the year, which I still find super hard to believe, like, where did the first two months go? But damn, it’s been some crazy months. First, I finally, finally, after 10 years of biting my nails over the thought of letting my baby out into the world, published myContinue reading “Happy March”