Ways to help an indie author

This post is supposed to be a humorous way to point out ways you can help your favorite indie authors; please do not take anything here too seriously. Step one: -Buy their books. Indie authors spend days, months, and sometimes years working on their books, and every sale means the world to us. So if... Continue Reading →

The Tamora Andrews Duology

Yes, I did it. It is finally here, and I'm so bloody happy. It's been quite a battle, and I'm trapped somewhere between scared and excited. But it's here, it's out there, and I hope everyone will enjoy it. When the veils between worlds collapsed, magic flooded the planet. Mountains crumbled, towns disappeared, and when... Continue Reading →

Author interview – Ellie Lieberman

Today’s interview is with Ellie Lieberman, author of Society's Foundlings, Solving for X, A Dragon's Treasure, The Memory Tree, and many more - you can find the full list at the end of the interview.  Ellie writes a mix of novels, short stories and children’s books, and her newest publication is The Witching Hour, When... Continue Reading →

October Indies

Being an indie author is both bloody amazing and bloody hard. So, to help support fellow authors, I've put a few new things in motion. I started doing Indie Author interviews (you can find them here) and this post is going to be the beginning of my monthly "Indie Authors I've read" reviews. I hope... Continue Reading →

November already?

Am I the only one who feels like this year has gone by way to fast? I keep thinking it must be wrong when the calendar says November, but nope, it's completely correct. Halloween is over, the stores are starting the Christmas music and I've already seen the first Christmas commercials on Youtube. But, while... Continue Reading →

Author Interview – Katherine Macdonald

Today I'm lucky enough to have Katherine Macdonald, author of The Fey Collection, The Fae of the Forest, the Mechanical Kingdoms, A Curse of Hope and Shadows, Faeries of the Underworld, The Phoneix Project, and other great books. Katherine writes books in various genres, among them fantasy, romance, fairytales and dystopian, and she just published... Continue Reading →

Author Interview – Seth Hobbs

Today's Author Interview is with Author Seth Hobbs. Seth is the author of the Sendyne Empire Series, with the first book - A Sword of the Three Rivers - being up on Amazon right now. Buy A Sword of the Three Rivers Right Here Seth writes Epic Fantasy, High Fantasy, and Fiction books, and he's... Continue Reading →

Author Interview – Dylan Altoft

Today's Author Interview is with Author Dylan Altoft. Dylan is the author of the Werewolf Saga, with book 1 - Beast Born - being up in Amazon right now. Buy Beast Born Right Here Dylan writes YA with both the supernatural and action-adventure. He's currently working on the second book in the Werewolf Saga series... Continue Reading →

Dragonslayer snippet – House

Pieces of the house were strewn everywhere, from half a wall to tiny splinters. The green grass was dark where blood marked it. People wearing white coveralls walked around with black buckets, picking pieces of the dead up. The air was thick with the smell of blood. The whole scene seemed surreal, placed in the... Continue Reading →

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