Goodie box subscription

One of my goals this year was to do more self care activities, and to help with that I decided to try a beauty/selfcare subscription box. I’ve tried this one once before and while I loved the box, my experience with the company was far from good. But, I decided to give them another go, [...]

Morning routine

I've seen a lot of these posts around, and I always think they are so fun to read, so I decided to do my own. My early morning routine changes depending on if the kids are with me or not. As the early morning routine with the kids are mostly trying to heard two kids [...]

Sweaters and pearls

For years and years I’ve been stuck in the same old rut of wearing black and dark colors and to be honest I hated it, but I felt stuck in that choice. I wanted to go more feminine. To wear colors and pretty stuff. But every time I tried on clothes like that I felt [...]