Christmas Drinks

I’ve covered the food, the sweaters and the music. But today it’s gonna be all about the adult drinks. I’m gonna start with my own creation - Spicy hot chocolate: Hot chocolate powder Spicy chai latte powder Baileys Marshmallows Candy cane Mix half chocolate powder and half spicy chai latter powder with boiling water in [...]

Danish Christmas cookies

I love cookies. And nothing screams Christmas like Danish Christmas cookies. So today I’m gonna share some of my favorite Christmas recipes with you. Lemon cookies Jew cakes Christmas cookie Vanilla wreath cookies Finnish bread Specier Coffee bread Most of these cookie recipes are from 1850-1900 when having your own oven become more normal for [...]

Homemade gifts

Giving homemade gifts can be such a treat, but coming up with ones that doesn’t take forever can be so hard. So to help all the creative people who’ve run out of ideas I’m making a list. The list is gonna contain gifts that can be made with or by kids, gifts to fit under [...]

Christmas food

Christmas is all about good, comfy, feel good food. For me December is all about the warm feel of stews, cabbage salads and potatoes... who doesn’t love potatoes? In Denmark we have a lot of traditional Christmas foods eaten all through December. A lot of our food revolves around meat, especially pork (we’re pig country) [...]