Birthday in quarantine

September 10th I turned 35. I’m now halfway to 70, and closer to 40 than 30 😛 In all reality it’s not bad at all. I don’t mind getting older, though I do keep telling my kids to stop getting older all the time. I’m so not ready for them to grow up. I didn’t [...]

Date yourself ideas

When was the last time you went out alone? To the movies or out for a nice lunch? Most of us rarely go out alone because there’s this idea that it’s embarrassing or weird to go out by yourself. I remember the first time after my divorce that I took myself to the movies. Everyone [...]

Happy Easter

Yay, it’s Easter. I very much enjoy Easter with the food, the chocolate and the spring in full force. Easter is the perfect way to celebrate life, and go on a picnic or have a family lunch. Today I’m gonna share some of my favorite Easter and spring pins on Pinterest. Easter Drinks The classic [...]


Me and the family was having fun over our family text group, and were coming up with silly words using corona that fit the self isolation most us is living with to some degree or other. We came up with wonders like corona-coffee, corona-cake, corona-cocktails, corona-baby (I’m like 100% sure this will actually be a [...]