My weekend away

Once a year me and my oldest sister goes away for a weekend. When we started doing it, we planned on finding a new place every year, but the first place we went to, we fell in love with and we’ve never gotten to another place. The weekend is filled with good food, lots of [...]

Hello Autumn

Hello all you lovely people2019 haven't gone as planned. And I had planned it all. I had all my blog posts planned, and social media and everything else. And then life happened. But, I'm trying to make the rest of 2019 better. Gonna get back on the horse as they say ❤  Good things have [...]

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday

Yesterday it was my birthday. Yes, I turned 34, but I don't feel a year older than 33 years and 363 days 😉 It was a quiet day, with just me and the kids and it was lovely. The kids woke me up at 6 am, and they had set a breakfast table and we [...]