Meal Planning

Meal planning is the perfect way to reduce stress doing the week, save money and stop wasting food. I'm a huge fan of meal planning, and it helps me so much to take the time to do a weekly meal plan where I plan everything from breakfast to snacks. So, let’s talk about what meal [...]

Spring cleaning

Spring cleaning is a wonderful thing. It might suck having to actually do it, but it’s amazing when it’s done. Trying to do it all in one day can be almost impossible though, so I recommend spreading it out over a few weekends. Tackle one room at a time, and finish it completely before moving [...]


Let's talk about motivation, because motivation is a funny size. You often hear the phrase “I don’t have the motivation…” as an excuse to not do things. I’ve used it way to much myself. But what is motivation other than a kick in the ass? It’s not like motivation appears from thin air. Motivation is [...]