Writing Bunnies

Spring is slowly arriving, so today, I’m inspired to talk a bit about bunnies. The cute little things, with their vibrating little noses and soft, soft fur. I mean, just looking at them makes most people go "awwww". But this post isn’t actually about that kind of bunnies. It’s also not about the dust bunnies... Continue Reading →

Ways to help an indie author

This post is supposed to be a humorous way to point out ways you can help your favorite indie authors; please do not take anything here too seriously. Step one: Buy their books. Indie authors spend days, months, and sometimes years working on their books, and every sale means the world to us. So if... Continue Reading →


The next five days I'm giving away the Wicked Witch ebook over on Amazon. Get Free On Amazon Have you ever wondered why the witch turned into the evil people warn their children about? What paths did she take that led her so far astray? This is the origin story of the witch in the... Continue Reading →

Happy March

We are now three months into the year, which I still find super hard to believe, like, where did the first two months go? But damn, it’s been some crazy months. Picture from the local park First, I finally, finally, after 10 years of biting my nails over the thought of letting my baby out... Continue Reading →

Hello springtime (and new puppy)

Hello everyone and hello spring. So a lot have happened in the last month and I feel as if I’ve been going from one emotion to another in about a split second the last weeks. By Brooke Lark on unsplash So, as some of you might have noticed I stopped posting on the blog just... Continue Reading →

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