8 types of selfcare

Self care is something we hear all the time. It pops up on our feeds, Pinterest got thousands of ideas to good self care activities, and it’s truly a thing more and more people are starting to realize is important to keep happy and healthy. But, what is self care really? Is it just sitting [...]

Date yourself ideas

When was the last time you went out alone? To the movies or out for a nice lunch? Most of us rarely go out alone because there’s this idea that it’s embarrassing or weird to go out by yourself. I remember the first time after my divorce that I took myself to the movies. Everyone [...]

Saying no is okay

We all know the feeling. We are super stressed, got 20 things on the to-do list for the week, and then your friend calls and ask if you can meet for coffee Sunday afternoon. The two hours you had hoped could be used on the couch doing nothing. Maybe it isn’t this extreme, maybe it’s [...]

Love yourself challenge

Loving yourself can be hard. We as people have a tendency to focus on the bad when it comes to our own minds and bodies. “My thighs are too big.”“Urgh, why can’t I do this?”“OMG I’m so stupid. What idiot makes a mistake like that?”“I look like shit today.”“I can’t wear this, my (insert word [...]