Crypt keeper

The gate to the graveyard squeaked as Jonah pushed it open. We both froze, staring into the dark, straining to hear if anyone was coming for us. "Sorry," he whispered and grabbed the gate more firmly. He heaved the heavy iron up, trying to prevent the rusted metal hinges from rubbing against each other. A... Continue Reading →


Writing prompt from Greg Strong on twitter “Man bites dog” I stopped in front of the prison bars and looked at my business partner and room mate, Jonah. “I go on one date, and you end locked up. What the hell where you thinking?” Jonah sat on the ground, doing his best to look innocent.... Continue Reading →

Princess Fluffybutt

Writing prompt from Friday the 11th of March "What the hell are you doing here?" "Yeah, in this situation, you're not allowed to ask that questions." I ducked the fireball aimed at my head and pressed against the side of the car. "How did you manage to screw this up so badly? Last I checked,... Continue Reading →

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