Almost there

Can you believe it? Just 7 days until the release of Beauty in the Beast. This is my first real Romance Novel, and while the beta readers and arc reviewers have all loved it so far, I'm still super nervous, because, honestly, what do I know about romance? I think I just found another amazing... Continue Reading →

Beauty in the Beast – Chapter 1

ORDER USA ORDER UK The morning brought sunshine and the smell of freshly baked bread. Birds were singing in the trees, and bees buzzed around the flowers. Belle stood in the small garden behind her father’s house, looking at the meadow that stretched all the way to the edge of the forest. The warm wind... Continue Reading →

November already?

Am I the only one who feels like this year has gone by way to fast? I keep thinking it must be wrong when the calendar says November, but nope, it's completely correct. Halloween is over, the stores are starting the Christmas music and I've already seen the first Christmas commercials on Youtube. But, while... Continue Reading →


Summer has been super busy, with loads of travels, visits, and not much time at home to just relax, but the holidays are over, kids are back at school and so am I. It also means that I have time to go back to really work on my writing projects. The main focus right now... Continue Reading →

Free stories

Other than writing my novels and novellas, I like writing flash fiction, short stories, and the occasional poem. And all of these stories can be found for free right here on my website. My flash fiction, short stories and poems normally leans towards the darker themes and horror, and some of them can be a... Continue Reading →

werewolves and packs

As a writer, I'm used to people commenting on my writing. People are always willing to give advise, tell what they love about my stories, and especially tell what they hated. One of the things, I have heard a lot, is about the werewolves in my stories. It often goes something like this: Wolves don't... Continue Reading →

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