September Update – Writerly things

I can’t believe another month is almost gone, and that fall finally arrived (I’m writing this with rain and wind hammering against my windows. The sky is dark grey, and I’m very much tempted to light some candles – despite it being 9 in the morning.) As most of you might already know, I’ve finallyContinue reading “September Update – Writerly things”

The Song of the Female Main Character

When you write the FMC Make sure that she’s everything that she can be. You have to make her fierce But not to fierce You have to make her strong But not too strong But most importantly of aaaalllllllll She must be nice. When you write the FMC Make sure that she’s attractive to theContinue reading “The Song of the Female Main Character”

werewolves and packs

As a writer, I’m used to people commenting on my writing. People are always willing to give advise, tell what they love about my stories, and especially tell what they hated. One of the things, I have heard a lot, is about the werewolves in my stories. It often goes something like this: Wolves don’tContinue reading “werewolves and packs”