New on the blog – a serial novella

So, everyone who’s been here before, knows I love to write. And I always have a million projects going. (If you wanna read more about some of my projects, you can find some info here) One of my projects have been a MMF Action Romance, that I’ve finally finished. And instead of publishing is asContinue reading “New on the blog – a serial novella”

werewolves and packs

As a writer, I’m used to people commenting on my writing. People are always willing to give advise, tell what they love about my stories, and especially tell what they hated. One of the things, I have heard a lot, is about the werewolves in my stories. It often goes something like this: Wolves don’tContinue reading “werewolves and packs”

It is alive…

It’s taken me around 10 years to get to this point, but my first full length novel, DRAGONSLAYER, is finally published as an ebook. It’s been such a nerve wracking few months trying to get it ready, because let’s be honest here, it is totally my baby and letting it out into the public isContinue reading “It is alive…”