Dragon Slayer


Urban fantasy – Tamora Andrews book one

Meet Tamora Andrews, a kick ass bounty hunter with a knack for killing dragons and getting herself into trouble.

Tamora lives on the edge of society, trying to keep herself and her secret powers under the radar. Of course, being a smart ass, with trouble keeping her opinion to herself she’s not making it easy.

When a dragon master arrives in town, Tamora is hired by the police to track down one of his dragons. She helps them, though a bit reluctantly, because authorities and other people’s rules have never been good friends of hers.

This job becomes the first step on a path she had never thought herself following, and she has to accept who she really is and that no one can make it in this world alone, not even a kick ass female that needs no hero to save the day.

Set in a dystopian future, where magic is strong, and monsters rules the world.