A Series of stand alone fairytale retellings.

Beauty in the Beast

Beauty and the beast retold – the story of Belle and Beast

She’s scarred both inside and out. He’s been cursed for hundreds of years.

A chance encounter brings them together, but can true love really break a curse, or are they forced to find beauty in the beast?

Out now

The Glass Thief

Cinderella retold – the story of Ella and Rhys

She’s a thief caught in a net she can’t escape. He’s a battle-hardened warrior forced to replace his dead brother as the crown prince. Together they have a chance of saving the kingdom.

Coming June 1st – preorder today

The War of Hearts

Alice in Wonderland retold – the story of Alice and Azar

She’s the woman who forgot her past. He’s the monster who never forgot her.

Can he bring out her true self, so she can fulfill her destiny?

Planned for Autumn 2023

The Sea of Monsters

The Little Mermaid retold – the story of Hannah, Alexander and Declan

Hannah ran from her forced marriage to Alexander. He needs to bring home his bride to save his little brother.

Six years later, she harbours more secrets than is safe, and Alexander, along with his best friend Declan, is ready to take her prisoner to save Alexander’s brother.

But Hannah is not the girl Alexander married, and she’ll do everything in her power to keep her freedom.

Planned for winter 2023

The Scarlet Huntress

Little Red Riding hood retold – the story of Ruby and Peter

She’s hunting the wolf who killed her family. He’s trying to find the person who cursed him. Can a huntress and a wolf work together to reach their goal, or will they rip each other apart?

Planned for early spring 2024

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