Claiming my name

Claiming my name

I have previously talked about Claiming my Instagram and Claiming my Style, but today, I’m claiming my name. For years, since I started blogging, I’ve used the name Raven Black. It all came about because I joined an online writing community, and have a name that’s not exactly normal or easy to say in English [...]


Have you ever heard about Booktober? It’s a fun little social media game centered around books, so of course I love it. Every day you post either a picture or a post centered around books. It can be everything from your favorite quote to your favorite book “boyfriend/girlfriend”. There is more than a few schedules [...]

My writing time

As I mentioned in my last post, 2019 haven't been the best year for my creativity. But, things are starting to look up now, so with that in mind, and to motivate myself a bit more, I wanted to share how my writing time works. My writing time is divided into different parts, but every [...]

Hello Autumn

Hello all you lovely people2019 haven't gone as planned. And I had planned it all. I had all my blog posts planned, and social media and everything else. And then life happened. But, I'm trying to make the rest of 2019 better. Gonna get back on the horse as they say ❤  Good things have [...]