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10 favorite dinners

10 favorite dinners - Chosen by my kidsI’m lucky to have a couple of kids who loves food. There are very few things they’ll turn their noses up against, and mostly it’s when something is very spicy or oddly flavored. My youngest loves to try new stuff and have happily eaten snails, squid and mussels.… Continue reading 10 favorite dinners

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The Curious Creations Of Christine McConnell

I love baking shows and now that Halloween is getting closer, I’m rewatching The Curious Creations Of Christine McConnell. I know the show got a lot of bad reviews, but I enjoy it a lot. It’s silly, weird and just enough naughty to be fun. And so much darkness covered in sugar. They say that… Continue reading The Curious Creations Of Christine McConnell

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10 fall activities to do with kids

Activating kids can sometimes be hard, especially now that the days get more cold and wet. So here’s 10 activities that can be used for kids of all ages. All the activities have been tested and approved by my own kids, aged 13 and 10 ❤️ Walk in natureOne of the family favorites is walking… Continue reading 10 fall activities to do with kids