Blogging communities and why you should join one

Blogging communities exists in all sizes and shapes, and you can always find something fitting you and your blog. Joining a community can have a lot of benefits, and today I'm gonna tell about a few of them. Nick Morrison from Unsplash Learn tips and tricks: In good blogging communities there’s always someone willing to [...]

Blogging pet peeves

We go to a blog, all hyped to read a post and then we see them. The blogging pet peeves. And let’s be honest. We all have them. The little (or big) things that make us grind our teeth and wanting to yell at the blogger. So today I’m gonna share my top blogging pet [...]

Summer blogging ideas

Keeping up with blogging and getting ideas can be hard. Especially when the sun is calling and you just wanna go out and soak up some vitamin-d after winter. So today I’m gonna share some great ideas for all your summer blogging. Travel Travel bucket listStaycation ideasTravel with kidsFavorite vacation you went onWhy should people [...]

Blogging apps

Running a blog is a lot about having an online presence. One of the ways I do that is by having a lot of cool apps on my phone that keeps me online and able to work where ever I am. (I use an iphone 8, and I can’t talk for these app on other [...]