Halfway there

The first 12 days of December is done and that means we are halfway to Christmas eve. It also means that there’s exactly 9 days until I see my boyfriend again ❤ And it means we are getting close to being done with 2020. Anyone else thinking this year has been both crazy, but also [...]

Blogs to read

It’s summer, the sun is shining (some of the time at least) and the kids are enjoying not having to do school work. In other words, it’s time for relaxing. Today I wanna introduce you to some of my favorite blogs, that’s perfect for hours of browsing interesting blogposts, while sipping a cool summer drink. [...]

Meal Planning

Meal planning is the perfect way to reduce stress doing the week, save money and stop wasting food. I'm a huge fan of meal planning, and it helps me so much to take the time to do a weekly meal plan where I plan everything from breakfast to snacks. So, let’s talk about what meal [...]