The Glass Thief

The Glass Thief

She’s a thief caught in a net she can’t escape.

He’s a battle-hardened warrior forced to replace his dead brother as the crown prince.

Together they have a chance of saving the kingdom.

This is a stand alone novel.

Coming June 1st


Rhys was never meant to be the crown prince. Send away as a kid, he was trained to be a warrior, and all he knows is the battlefield. His comrades are his only family, and he has no need for the fineries of court. But at the first of three balls, held in his honor in the hopes that he will find a wife, he meets a mysterious woman far from repulsed by his missing manners or less-than-polished looks.

Ella is the Lady of Thieves, ruler of the Rook, and the infamous Cinderella, who steals from the rich and leaves a piece of cinder behind. But even the smartest thief can be caught in a net she can’t escape. Threatened to steal a magical glass slipper at the royal castle, she meets a handsome warrior who awakens feelings she didn’t think she possessed. 

But can a love built on lies survive? And what happens when Ella’s actions threaten not only those they care about but the whole kingdom?

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