The Tamora Andrews Duology

When the veils between worlds collapsed, magic flooded the planet. Mountains crumbled, towns disappeared, and when the dust settled, the world had changed, and humans were no longer at the top of the food chain.

– This is the world of Tamora Andrews.


The Tamora Andrews Duology Book One

In this new world, kids are taught the rules of life; look both ways when you cross the road, don’t go out after dark, never look a werewolf in the eyes, and if you see a dragon, you run and hide.

Tamora, though, has never been like other people, and she doesn’t run from a fight.

Abandoned as a child, she managed to carve out her own slice of life. Working as a bounty hunter, she deals with werewolves, vampires, and dragons on a daily basis.

When the police need help tracking down a dragon, she takes the first step on a path she never thought herself following. She has to accept who she really is and that no one can make it in this world alone, not even a kick-ass female that needs no hero to save the day.

Set in a dystopian future, where magic is strong, and monsters rule the world.

The Tamora Andrews Duology Book Two

Tamora killed her father, making her the queen of the dragons. Dragons that’s been trapped in their animal forms for hundreds of years. Dragons that have no idea how the world truly works.

Spending six months playing politician, mom, teacher, and guardian for a whole new people is not Tamora’s idea of fun. So when a strange dragon arrives in town, tortured to the point of near death, Tamora jumps on the job.

But who has the power to keep a dragon captured while torturing it?

Trying to answer that question forces her to face both people and old choices she thought she left behind and to make new choices that have the power to change the world for those she calls friends.

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