I watch him, dancing, laughing, smiling.
His bare feet silent on the green grass.
Tonight I will take him, lay him on the bed, chain him down.
He will look at me with those soft eyes, that beautiful smile, and I will see the trust he has in me.
He trust me to keep him safe.
He trust me to walk the line but always stay on the right side.

He shouldn’t.

Inside me, deep down in my very core, where his eyes never stray, darkness lurks.
Always there, always watching. Whispering sweet words in my ears.
Whispering about power, freedom, ownership.

Tonight, I will lay him in our bed.
Tonight, I will chain him down.
Tonight, I will let the darkness flow.

I will see his trust turn to fear, see that playful smile erased from those beautiful lips.
I will break him, slowly, carefully.
Bit by bit, I will strip away what is him.

Lay him bare.

Rip his soul and his strength away.
And when I have him sobbing on his knees, a broken toy to be thrown away,
I will take his head in my hands and whisper sweet words.
I will build him up, sculpt him as I see fit.

I will become his sun.
His light.
His life.

And once again he will look at me with trust and that beautiful smile will grace his lips for me.

Only for me.

And when I have become his everything, I will walk away, letting him wither in the shadows, a broken shell with no purpose.

I will wrap myself in my mask, and go out in the world.

I will hunt.
I will find new prey.
I will control.
I will make them trust.

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