Writing Bunnies

Spring is slowly arriving, so today, I’m inspired to talk a bit about bunnies. The cute little things, with their vibrating little noses and soft, soft fur. I mean, just looking at them makes most people go “awwww”.

But this post isn’t actually about that kind of bunnies. It’s also not about the dust bunnies hiding in the corners and under the sofa. (Though, the fact that it’s spring is a perfectly good reason to do some spring cleaning) 

No, this is a post about the bunnies of writing. 

The Plothole bunnies. 

Pesky little fluffs that just love to dig up that perfect storyline-garden you’ve planted. You work hard all day, and look over your perfect garden before going to bed, enjoying all you’ve accomplished. And then you get up in the morning, and to your horror, the plothole bunnies have ruined everything.

Almost impossible to get rid of, without making drastic changes to that once perfect storyline-garden. 

The Killer Bunnies.

Soft and innocent looking, they follow along as you write until, out of the blue, killing off one of your characters. They love to go after the ones you love the most, and if there’s a fan favorite, you can be sure there’s a Killer Bunny stalking it. 

These little devils will close some paths for you but often open up new and unseen ways to work the story.

The Love Bunnies.

With their pink heart-shaped noses and long fluffy ears, these little things can be impossible to get rid of. They constantly push romance into the story, making your characters fall in love, like some furry cupid.

The Idea Bunnies.  

These black, sharp-clawed bunnies follow you around like a shadow, attacking you at every opportunity, clawing their way into your mind where they dump a new idea before running off again. The idea bunnies never sleep, never stop, and will always attack when you have a deadline.

I hope you all have a lovely spring.

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