werewolves and packs

As a writer, I’m used to people commenting on my writing. People are always willing to give advise, tell what they love about my stories, and especially tell what they hated. One of the things, I have heard a lot, is about the werewolves in my stories. It often goes something like this:

Wolves don’t have alphas and betas like that. That’s totally wrong, and why do you keep writing it? You’re sharing fake information about wolves.

– random internet stranger

And today I wanted to explain why my wolves at least, have alphas, betas and a very strict hierarchy.

The first important question to ask is, what is a werewolf?

A werewolf is a human-wolf hybrid, and have been found throughout history in different regions of the world. When the witch hunts was darkening the history of Europe, the myths about and beliefs in werewolves spread too, and people were hunted and killed, believed to be actual werewolves.

Stories about werewolves goes back to ancient Greece, and often the stories of werewolves contains the human doing something considered inhumane. Take for example the story of Lycaon, who tasted the entrails of babies sacrificed to Zeus, and as punishment was turned into a wolf.

So, the label werewolf, have often been used to describe humans, who giving into their animalistic needs, turn into an actual beast. But, these beasts are far from their wild counterparts. They are monsters that hunt and kill without abandon, something that’s a very human trait after all.

So, why do my werewolves have packs, alphas and betas?

My werewolves are humans who can turn into a wolf like creature, that is the embodiment of our most monstrous nature. When one of my werewolves feel strong emotions, feel threatened or need to attack, they can call on that nature. They are not actual wolves. And, humans have always throughout history, parted our societies into hierarchies. Even today, looking at a democracy, we have those in charge and those at the bottom having nothing.

But, these werewolves are not just humans, they are something more. And this otherness need structure and discipline, so the restraints of human society isn’t pushed away.

So, werewolves needs a leader, they need that strict hierarchy, to keep peace, and keep control. That is also why, in my stories, you will hear about bad alphas who can destroy a pack because they can’t keep peace and control, and how a good alpha can build a strong pack where everyone thrives.

And that is why my werewolves have packs, alphas and betas.

Love, Tea

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