Part 29

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Reaper woke nestled between Phantom and Wolf. The door was open, and Pup was sleeping on top of their legs, a heavy weight keeping them all in place. They needed a bigger bed. She lay in the silence and listened to the men softly snoring. Her men. She glanced at the clock on the table and sat up, panic running through her. It was almost eight.

“What is it?” Phantom mumbled and opened one eye to glare at her.

“It’s almost eight.” She said and began trying to crawl out of bed, scanning the floor for her clothes.

“Yeah, and we only went to bed four hours ago. What’s the panic.” Wolf growled and pulled the blanket over his head.

“Emily doesn’t sleep this long. She’s normally up by seven.” She managed to get out of bed, but her clothes weren’t anywhere. With panic in her throat, she found one of Wolf’s T-shirts and pulled it on. It was long enough to cover everything.

“Fuck, do you think something happened?” Phantom and Wolf both half-stepped, half fell out of bed. Only Pup looked to be unworried.

“I don’t know. She was pretty tired when we arrived, and it’s a strange house.” Reaper stopped and stared at the men in pure horror. “What if she went downstairs and the door locked behind her. She would have no way of getting back up here.” Stupid, stupid, stupid. How could she be so stupid? She ran over to Phantom’s room but found it empty, and she didn’t even give it a second thought before she ran down the stairs, Phantom and Wolf close behind her.

They came to a full stop when they entered the kitchen. Emily was sitting at the kitchen table, talking to Priest, who was in the process of cleaning a gun. They both looked up at them, and Reaper slowly breathed to make her heart pound.

“Hi, mom, look, Priest let me eat chocolate cereal.”

“Morning, baby girl. You scared me. Next time, wake me up, okay?”

“Okay.” Emily turned back to look at the gun. Priest held up a piece and started explaining it, but Emily rolled her eyes, and Reaper couldn’t help but laugh.

“I know how a gun works,” Emily said and pointed to the different parts, naming them.

Priest looked up at her, and Reaper shrugged. “She’s my daughter, and her nanny thinks it’s an important part of her education.” She felt hands around her waist and looked up at Wolf and Phantom.

“Nanny?” Phantom asked.

“Yeah, Marston. He’s been looking after Emily since she was two.”

“I’m guessing Marston isn’t a normal nanny.”

“Ex-navy seal.”

Phantom nodded, and Wolf’s throaty laugh rolled over her.

“Oh, I placed your clothes over there.” Priest pointed to a chair, and Reaper found her pants folded along with her other things. She pulled on her pants and sat down at the kitchen table.

“So, baby girl. What do you say that Phantom and Wolf show us around this place after breakfast?”

3 months later.

The house was just outside town, and the backyard ended in the forest. It was perfect, and Reaper had fallen for it the second she saw it. The fact that she wanted to buy a house had ended in a big argument, but in the end, Phantom and Wolf saw her side of it.

She didn’t want Emily to live full-time at the club. She would start at the local school after summer, and she was the weird kid without having to live at a biker stronghold. Reaper wanted to give her the opportunity to have friends over and have a normal life. Or at least more normal. So they bought the house.

Marston would live there full time along with Emily and Reaper. Phantom and Wolf would divide their time between staying at the club and the house. It wasn’t perfect, but Reaper was sure they could make it work.

“Priest, don’t step on my teddy.” Emily’s shouted order could be heard through the house, and Phantom laughed. Emily had quickly taken to the brothers, and she had them all wrapped around her little finger.

“She’s a great kid,” Wolf said and hugged her close.

“She is,” Phantom agreed.

“And well protected,” Marston said as he came into the kitchen with a box.

“Pity any boy who wants to date her,” Reaper said with a laugh, and the three men all wore the same expression on their faces.

“She is not dating before she’s eighteen,” Phantom declared, and Reaper hit him in the arm.

“Stop being such a grump. Every boy she’ll ever date will be too scared to try anything. Don’t worry too much.”

“Who’s dating?” Death asked as he walked inside, a giant pink unicorn under one arm.

“Emily,” Wolf said and grabbed a beer from the fridge.

“My granddaughter is not dating anyone before I’ve met them and approved.”

“Oh really? And you’ve just suddenly decided that?” Reaper raised an eyebrow, and all men in the kitchen wisely shut up.

Emily ran into the kitchen, all smiles, and Pup at her side. “Mom, can me and Pup go play in the garden?”

“Sure, honey.”

The kid and wolf turned and ran out the garden door. 

“So, about that color in the bedroom. I still think it should be green.” Phantom wrapped his arms around her, and she leaned back against his broad chest.

“I don’t care, as long as the bed is big enough,” She said and pulled Wolf down for a kiss. Both men grinned at her, but their moment was interrupted when a swearing Bullet and Don wrestled a dining table through the front door.

“Why the bloody hell do you need such a big and heavy table?” Don asked, and Reader couldn’t help the smirk when she met her men’s gazes. Her men, she liked that. She never thought she would find ‘that someone’ she would spend her life with, and she hadn’t. She had found two.


Part 28

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“Did evil people hurt you?”

Wolf swallowed and looked at the kid rather helplessly. How the hell was he supposed to deal with a tiny human?

“Umm, yeah, they did.”

The girl regarded him a bit. “Does it still hurt?”

“Yeah, some. It’s not so bad, though.”

“You’ve been hurt a lot.” The girl stated, and Wolf could only nod.

“When I get hurt, mom always tells me that pain lets us know we’re still alive. But she also kisses it, and that helps a lot.”

Wolf heard the snort of laughter coming from Phantom, but he ignored his friend and focused on Reaper instead. “I wouldn’t mind her kissing the pain away.”

He saw the sharp intake of breath, and the way tension left Reaper in a rush. He held her gaze for a bit before focusing back on the girl.

“Are you hungry?” he finally asked. He had never had anything to do with kids, but he supposed food was a pretty safe thing to talk about.

The girl just shook her head and studied him with her big eyes, looking tired and sleep-tussled. Before he had to figure out what to do, Reaper came over and picked up her daughter.

“Come on, sweetheart, time for bed.”

“Where will I sleep, momma?”

“You can borrow my bed. It’s very big and soft. And I got a TV you can watch cartoons on when you wake up tomorrow.” Phantom smiled at the kid, and Wolf couldn’t hide the smirk when the kid hid her head against Reaper’s neck, a blush on her cheeks.

Reaper and Phantom went inside, but Wolf stayed outside, busying himself with getting Baby down from the truck and into the garage. He needed to center himself. He wanted Reaper, even if there was a kid in the mix. He had no idea how to deal with a kid, but he was sure he could learn. And it wasn’t even a tiny kid. Okay, it was tiny, but not like baby tiny. It could talk and stuff. He hadn’t known how the hell to deal with a wolf pup either, and Pup had turned out okay. The animal in question walked into the garage and bumped her head against his thigh. He petted her head, then sat down on the cement floor and hugged the wolf.

Reaper’s daughter wasn’t the problem. Wanting Reaper wasn’t a problem either. It was the fact that she might leave again that was a problem. He didn’t do relationships, but he wasn’t stupid, and he knew himself. Once he committed, he didn’t take it lightly. If Reaper suddenly left again, he wasn’t sure his heart would be able to deal. He gave a snort at his own sudden melodramatic thoughts. What was he, some kind of bitch? Next thing, he would want to have them all wear matching t-shirts and write love letters to each other. With a shake of his head, he pushed to his feet and headed inside. He found Phantom in the kitchen, and he happily took the beer held out to him. Phantom stared at him for a few seconds, and Wolf held back the need to snap at the man.

“You okay?”

“Why the hell shouldn’t I be?” No way in hell he was talking feelings with Phantom. He was so not drunk enough for that.

“No reason.” Phantom shrugged and leaned against the table beside Wolf. None of them spoke, just drank their beer and waited.

A beer later, Reaper walked into the kitchen. Wolf held out a beer for her, and she took it and drained half of it.

“Look, I know it’s not…”

“Don’t, just don’t,” Phantom growled. “We’ll deal with all that in the morning.”

Wolf couldn’t agree more, and when Reaper looked at him with that damn smirk playing on her lips, there was no way in hell he could stop himself. He grabbed her around the waist and pulled her flush against his body, nipping at her soft lips.

He gripped her ass, fingers digging into the softness of her flesh, and Reaper moaned against him. Her hand tangled in his hair, and when she claimed his mouth in a kiss, he happily gave the control over to her.

Phantom’s big hands grabbed his hips and pulled him closer to Reaper. He opened his eyes and met Phantom’s heated gaze. Wolf grabbed the edge of Reaper’s t-shirt and pulled it off, and her bra quickly followed. He ran his hand down her chest, cupping one of her breasts, and Phantom grabbed the other.

Reaper leaned her head back on Phantom’s shoulder as Wolf took her nipple in his mouth and started to lick. He kept teasing her nipple, even as Phantom opened her pants and pulled them down. None of them gave a damn that they were in the kitchen. Wolf stood back up, grabbed Phantom, and kissed him.

They looked at each other and grinned before grabbing Reaper and placing her on the kitchen table. She gasped as the cold surface connected with her naked skin, but when Wolf crawled between her legs, she focused entirely on him. He searched her eyes and saw the same uncertainty he felt. She wasn’t sure if she was truly welcome. If they would toss her out.

“You’re ours now, just like we’re yours. No more running.”

“No more running,” She said, then gasped as he pushed a finger into her. He felt Phantom’s hand move between them, and then a condom was rolled down his hard cock. He gasped at the feel of Phantom’s rough fingers on his balls. Reaper wriggled and looked down between them, panting when she spotted what was going on.

“So fucking hot. One day I want to watch the two of you fuck each other.”

“One day,” Phantom said and then slapped Wolf’s ass. Wolf growled, and looked up at his best friend.

“Hey, I’m waiting here. Don’t take all night.”

Reaper laughed, and some of the tension left the air. Wolf claimed her in another kiss as he pushed into her. He wanted to take it slow, to savor having her again, but her nails biting into his back broke his resolve. He fucked her hard, and she met him thrust for thrust. Phantom stood beside them, cock in hand, and every time he saw Phantom sliding his big hand over his cock, Wolf felt it in his balls. It didn’t take him long to reach his climax, and as soon as he was spent, he rolled to the side, kissing Reaper.

Phantom took his place, and Wolf leaned closer, whispering in Reaper’s ear. Telling her everything they were going to do to her. She came with a scream, and Phantom soon followed her over. They collapsed on the table, and Wolf was surprised it hadn’t collapsed under them.

Part 27

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Phantom and Wolf sat outside the clubhouse, drinking a few beers and staring at nothing when the sound of a big motor broke through the early evening. They both ignored it since big vehicles weren’t unheard of in their neighborhood, even this time on a Saturday.

The engine cut off suddenly, and Phantom looked over at Wolf. “Did that car just stop outside our gate?”

“Sounds like it,” Wolf said, and both men got up, making their way to the gate.

“If it’s a chick on a bike, we tell her to go to hell,” Wolf growled, and Phantom rolled his eyes, though he didn’t much disagree.

Both men stopped dead when they rounded the corner, and the gate came into view. Reaper stood in front of a big pickup truck, her eyes hidden behind sunglasses and that damn smirk on her lips.

“What, no guns this time? I feel insulted.”

The sarcasm was all Reaper, but the nervous way she held herself wasn’t. Phantom’s chest was tight, and he felt rooted to the ground. What was she doing here?

“What do you want?” Wolf growled, and Phantom wasn’t sure if he should kiss or punch his best friend at that moment. Couldn’t he just shut up until Phantom got his mind working again?

“My bike needs to be fixed, and I’ve heard you have the best mechanic in town.” She took off her sunglasses and looked from Wolf to him. Phantom met her gaze, and the air trapped in his lungs left in a rush. He walked to the control panel and punched the code, letting the gate slide open.

“What the fuck, man?” Wolf said, glaring at him. Wolf took it pretty hard that Reaper left them. When Wolf gave his loyalty to someone, he gave it completely.

But even knowing all that, Phantom knew that if Reaper was willing to put her past behind her and give it a try, none of them would stay away. Even if Wolf might need more than five minutes to figure it out. After all, the guy always had been a stubborn bastard.

Reaper drove the car into the lot, and Phantom closed the gate behind them. She climbed out of the truck again and stood by the passenger side, watching them, her body almost vibrating with tension. Wolf still stood by the gate, glaring at Reaper, his massive arms over his chest. The air was thick with tension, and Phantom had no idea how to break it. Luckily, someone else did it for him.

“Momma?” the small voice came from inside the car, and Reaper almost jumped with it. She took a deep breath, turned, and opened the door. Phantom couldn’t see what she was doing, but she had a small child in her arms when she turned around. The kid looked tired and held a stuffed Harley toy in her hand. Her head leaning against Reaper’s shoulder.

“Emily, this is the guys I told you about.”

The girl blinked and stared at Phantom. Phantom stood still under the scrutiny, the girl’s eyes so much like her mother’s. Watching, calculating. Emily’s gaze moved to Wolf, and Phantom saw the big man tense up. Yeah, he didn’t exactly have the best track record when it came to kids. They usually took one look at his face and started to cry, and the new scars, still red and ugly, didn’t really help.

Emily whispered something to Reaper, and Reaper put her down on the ground. The little girl paused, looked up at her mom, and walked over to Wolf. Wolf gave Phantom a panicked look before he knelt down to eye level. Phantom held back his laughter and watched as the big bad Wolf was reduced to panic by a five-year-old.

He glanced at Reaper, her eyes fixed on Wolf and her daughter, and he didn’t miss the way her hand was curled around something at the small of her back. He stepped beside her and gently grabbed her wrist, prying her hand away from the gun at her back. “Relax, he won’t hurt her.”

Reaper glanced at him, and a bit of the tension in her body left.

Part 26

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“Here, drink.” A bottle of tequila and two shot glasses were placed in front of her. Melissa sat down on a chair beside her.

“I’m not going to drink tequila at ten in the morning.”

Melissa raised an eyebrow.

Reaper gave her a sneer. “Fine, I’m not going to drink at ten in the morning when Emily is here,” she told her best friend.

Melissa pointed to the pool where tourists enjoyed the morning sun. It was out of season, and the hotel was only at half capacity, so the place wasn’t too crowded. “Death is entertaining your daughter just fine. Charles is up in our room, his sniper rifle following your father’s every move, and Marston is keeping close watch too.” Melissa pointed to the hulking ex-soldier standing by the water, arms crossed over his chest, his dark eyes following Death’s every move. “And you, young lady, are moping.”

“I am not,” Reaper protested.

“Are too. What’s it been? Three weeks since you left that clubhouse, and you’ve been like this black hole ever since, sucking everyone down with your bad temper and dark moods. Well, it’s time to buckle up, honey. Now, drink, and then tomorrow, when Death has gone home, you’re going to pack up your stuff, put your daughter in the pick-up, and drive back to those guys. I already had Baby loaded on the back.”

Reaper just looked at her best friend and then shook her head in denial. “I can’t go back to them.”

“Why on earth not?” Melissa said and pressed the shot closer. Reaper didn’t think, just grabbed the glass and tossed the tequila back.

“Hell, Melissa, why do you think.. Hmm, let me see. Maybe because I got them all beaten. I almost got their prez and their VP killed. My father is Death. And oh yeah, I got a daughter. I spend a week with them, and yeah, I’m good, but even I am not that good.” She grabbed the refilled shot glass and tossed it back. The tequila burned, and she let the feeling settle. Maybe getting drunk wasn’t such a bad idea.

“So what? You’re just going to stay away? Not even giving it a chance?”

“I can’t do it, okay. I don’t do relationships. I will never let anyone have that kind of power over me ever again.”

“Honey, I love you. You know I do. So, believe me when I tell you that you’re an idiot.”

Reaper gave a snort and tossed back another round of tequila.

“If you want my opinion,” Melissa paused for a second and then smiled, “And even if you don’t. Yeah, life treated you like shit, and I know that that year in hell did a number on you. But those guys are dead, and yeah, it left you with some scars… okay, with a lot of scars, but it also gave you Emily, and hell, even your father is trying. You can’t let the past control your future.”

“Was that supposed to be some kind of pep talk?”


“Well, you suck at it.”

“Might be, but it’s the truth.”

Reaper released a deep sigh and rubbed her neck. She didn’t want to go back to the clubhouse. Except, her chest ached like someone had wrapped too tight iron bands around her every time she thought about Wolf and Phantom.

“Fuck,” She yelled and got a few angry looks from some of the nearby guests. She snarled at them.

Melissa started to laugh. “See, I knew it. So you’ll go tomorrow?”

Reaper looked out at the pool and watched as Death grabbed Emily around the middle and tossed her into the air. Emily squealed and landed in the water, spraying it all over the place. She bobbed up and down as her swim-vest held her above water.

Emily had loved having her grandfather in her life, and Death had spent the whole week with them at the hotel. She still felt uneasy about it. Not that she thought Death would take Emily from her, he wasn’t that stupid, but she couldn’t stop the fear that he would walk out of Emily’s life again, out of her life. And she didn’t want her daughter to go through that. She didn’t want to go through that.

Her thoughts went back to Phantom and Wolf again, as they had done constantly the last three weeks. She wondered how Wolf had healed. How the brothers were doing. She wondered if they would hate her if she showed up at their doorstep again. If they would hate Emily.

“So, are you going?”

Reaper grabbed the bottle and filled their glasses. “Yeah, I guess I am.”

Part 25

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“Easy, take it easy.” Reaper’s soft voice flowed over him, but it was a pair of big strong hands pressing against his chest. Wolf tried to break through the haze of pain, to figure out what the hell had happened, but his mind was blank. All he knew was that he hurt. He hurt more than he ever had before, including that day when his face had been carved up. He tried to sit up again, but the hands on his chest kept him down, and he couldn’t find the strength to fight them.

“You need to stay down. We’re safe, all of us are safe,” Phantom said above him, and Wolf figured it was Phantom holding him down. Wolf tried to open his eyes, but something pressed against them. A sliver of fear made its way into his mind.

“Why…” his throat was dry, making his already ruined voice harder to control. Something touched his lips, and then Reaper’s voice was back. “Here, drink a little of this. Mouse says you can have some real substance if you can hold down some water.”

Wolf greedily dragged water through the straw and let it soothe his raw throat.

“What happened?” He finally managed to say.

“What do you remember?” Phantom asked, and Wolf strained to make his mind work.

“Some guys in black, they, oh fuck, oh fuck.” Panic sliced at his chest as the memories of the knife against his skin came back. Phantom’s and Reaper’s touch and whispered words eased some of the panic, but it left him with a hollow feeling in his chest.

“Reaper got some help from a couple of friends and they saved all our asses,” Phantom explained.

“Death?” he asked. Death hadn’t been happy with them, and he needed to know if they were still in the dog house.

He heard Reaper’s deep sigh before she answered, “He still gets to spend some time with Emily.”

“Your daughter?” Wolf wasn’t sure if he had imagined that part or not.

“Yeah, my daughter.”

Wolf let the news settle. Reaper had saved them all. He moved a little, and pain flared in his stomach.

“How bad is it?”

“I’m not gonna lie. They worked you over pretty bad. Mouse stitched you up, but you’ll get new scars.”

“How bad?”

“They added four new ones to your face. They cut your eyelids which is why you can’t open your eyes. Mouse says your eyes should be fine. They didn’t damage them, but you need to keep them closed for at least a few days. They also cut into your stomach, chest, arms, and legs. You’ll have around twenty new scars to add to the collection.” Phantom’s voice had gone dark, and Wolf grabbed for his arm. Phantom’s rough fingers closed around his, and he gave them a slight squeeze.

“I never cared about the scars I had, and the new ones will be no different. We’re alive. That’s all that matters.”

The room fell silent, and he could almost feel the tension gather in the air. “What is it?” he asked. It was Reaper that answered him.

“I’m leaving tonight.”

“Why?” He didn’t want her to leave. 

“Because I can’t stay.”

He waited for her to explain, but she never did. But then, she didn’t really need to. She had already told them that she didn’t stay in one place. That she didn’t want to feel trapped. 

Soft lips pressed against his, and then Reaper whispered in his ear. “I need to go get ready, but I’ll come back here to say goodbye before I leave.”

Wolf turned his head in the direction he thought Phantom was as soon as he heard the door closing. “You can’t let her go,”

“And I can’t keep her here against her will. She’s leaving with Melissa and Charles. I’m guessing they will get Emily from somewhere, though Reaper has been completely close-lipped about it.”

“Melissa? Charles?”

“Yeah, Reaper’s friends.”

Wolf could hear the humor in Phantom’s voice.

“How exactly did they help, again?” he asked to distract himself from the thought of Reaper leaving.

“Remember when Reaper mentioned she was a contract killer?”

“Yeah, kind of hard to forget.”

“Well, turns out that Melissa was the one to get Reaper into the job after she ran from Death.”

Wolf chewed on the information for a bit. “And Charles?”

“Charles is…” Phantom hesitated, and Wolf could hear the humor in Phantom’s voice again.

“Is what?”

“I would say Melissa’s boyfriend, but I’m not sure that’s the right word.”

“What do you mean?”

“He wears a collar, and he basically does everything she tells him to do without question.”

“You mean like a…” Wolf struggled to find the correct word. “… Slave?”

“Kind of but not really. I mean, it’s easy to see they really care for each other, and Charles is one hell of a sniper.”

“And Melissa?”

“Damn, that woman is one hell of a firestorm. She has Bullet wrung so tight I’m surprised he hasn’t tried to kill her yet.”

“Good, that man needs someone to rattle his cage a little.” Wolf settled on the bed, a sigh leaving him.

“Go to sleep again. Reaper will not leave without saying goodbye.” Phantom’s soft lips brushed his, and Wolf let sleep drag him under again.

Part 24

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Phantom wanted to howl, scream and kill every single one of the bastards with his bare hands, but all he could do was sit in that damn chair, trying to murmur words of assurance to Wolf. It was empty words, but it was the best he could do.

Wolf was gasping for breath, and other than the erratic movements of his chest, he didn’t move a muscle, just slumped in his chair. Blood was everywhere. From Wolf’s face and naked chest to the floor around him. Phantom knew he would be left to see Wolf bleed to death as an added form of torture. His own wrists were raw and bleeding from fighting to get free of the bindings, but he didn’t even notice the pain.

The door behind him opened, and Phantom tried to mentally prepare himself for whatever those sick bastards had planned next, but instead of the mafia goons, he saw Reaper step into his line of sight.

“Fuck,” Reaper muttered and rushed to Wolf. She pressed her fingers against his neck.

“Fuck, I hope the others get here soon. We need Mouse.” Reaper looked at him, and Phantom swallowed and forced his mouth to work. He wanted to ask a million questions but settled on asking the one that burned the most.

“Is he alive?”

“Yes, but just barely.” Reaper started cutting Wolf free, and he felt his own ties cut. He moved to get up, but his leg collapsed, and pain radiated from his knee and up into his stomach. Fuck.

“Leave him. He isn’t dying, not yet anyway. I need help here.” Reaper barked at the other person, and Phantom was glad. Wolf needed the help more than he did. He rolled to his back and stared as a woman with long flowing red hair and dressed in black walked over to Wolf. She helped Reaper get him to the floor, and together they started working on him. 

Death came rushing in and fell to his knees beside Wind. He checked for a pulse, and Phantom was glad to see the relief on Death’s face. So the big man wasn’t dead yet.

 Shouting came from the hall, and Phantom tensed, sure the men would come bursting into the room, but instead, he saw Bullet and Mouse, followed by the rest of his brothers.

“You?” Bullet shouted. Phantom could only look as Bullet tried to take Reaper down, tried being the operative word. The redhead stepped in the way, and before Phantom even realized what had happened, Bullet was on his knees, a gun pressed into the back of his head.

“Mmmm, tasty,” the redhead said, and Phantom just gaped at her as she leaned in and licked Bullet’s cheek. Bullet had murder in his eyes.

“Melissa, goddammit, stop playing around. Mouse, get over here and help before Wolf dies.”

“Bullet, stop trying to take out Reaper and get me up from this fucking floor. They busted my fucking knee.”

Bullet hesitated, but Melissa just looked at him as he slowly got to his feet. When he walked towards Phantom, Melissa put her gun away. Phantom took a deep breath and held it a second. One crisis averted.

“You look like shit, Prez,” Bullet said and grabbed Phantom’s outstretched arm.

“Yeah, well, you should see the other guy.”

“He got a nice bullet hole between the eyes,” The redhead, Melissa, said with a grin. Phantom swallowed a howl when Bullet pulled him to his feet and helped him to the couch that had been pushed against the wall during the party. Phantom watched as his brothers, under Mouse’s orders, carefully lifted Wolf from the floor and placed him on a couple of tables that had been pushed together. Phantom yearned to go to him, to make sure he was alright, but he was in no condition to help, and being in the way wouldn’t help Mouse save Wolf.

“Where’s Charles?” Melissa suddenly asked. No one answered her. Phantom looked around the room but couldn’t see any strange faces. The sudden thunder of a gun going off had everyone jumping, including Phantom. He couldn’t do anything but gape at the redhead as she slowly lowered the weapon she had fired into the ceiling.

“I asked, where the fuck is Charles?”

“Who’s Charles?” Phantom asked, and Melissa turned her eyes on him. Before she answered him, Priest came in, a sniper rifle over his shoulder and a young man held tight in his grip. The guy looked scared, and the black collar around his neck was in stark contrast to his pale skin. Phantom saw Melissa stiffen a second before her gun was aimed squarely at Priest’s head. “Let him go.” Her voice was hard and her hand steady. Phantom didn’t doubt for a second that she would put a bullet between Priest’s eyes if he didn’t let the young guy go.

“Melissa put the damn gun away. No one is gonna touch Charles, right Priest?” Reaper asked. She stepped between Melissa and her target. Blood covered her hands, and when she reached out and pulled Charles from Priest, Priest didn’t protest, just kept his arms at his sides to not provoke the crazy woman. Priest had always been wise. Reaper pulled Charles into a hug before pushing him towards Melissa, who hugged him tightly, and whispered into his ear, and Phantom could see Charles whisper back.

Phantom sat on the couch, unable to move much, and watched as people moved around in organized chaos. Wind was lifted from the floor and placed on two other tables, and Death and Don started working on him. He leaned his head back and relaxed into the soft cushions. He just needed to rest five seconds, and then he would be okay.

Part 23

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Reaper and Death cruised down the highway, going just under the speed limit. The road was empty except for a few trucks driving through the night. The truck in front of them suddenly swirled to the right, slammed its breaks, and blocked the road. Reaper and Death both stopped and stared at it.

“What the fuck happened?” Death asked, and Reaper shrugged. A figure clad in black, with long red hair tumbling down her back, came around the end of the truck. Death tensed up. Reaper exhaled and relaxed on her bike.

“Don’t even think about it big, dark, and dangerous. My sniper will take you out before you even think about pulling that gun,” Melissa said before focusing on Reaper. “Fuck I’m happy to see you.”

“Me too, but what are you doing here?” Reaper kept an eye on Death, but it looked like he took the warning to heart.

“As soon as we realized the contract was a setup, I contacted Rossi Santiago. Turns out it was Lorenzo who took out the contract. He wanted to get rid of his brother, so he didn’t have to share the business.”

“Fuck.” Reaper rubbed her face. Being dragged into the Santiago family’s internal problems was always bad for your health.

“Don’t worry about it. I cleared it up with Rossi. But turns out Lorenzo has been tracking you. He knows where you’ve been staying.” Melissa raised an eyebrow, clearly stating that so did she, and she disapproved.

“Yeah, well, they didn’t give me much choice. Wait, they knew where I was staying. Fuck, we have to go back.” Reaper started to turn her bike around, but  Melissa’s hand on her shoulder stopped her.

“Hey, baby girl, talk to me.”

“We have to warn them.”

Melissa looked into her eyes before nodding. “Okay, let’s try calling them.”

“I, I don’t have their numbers.” The panic in her stomach got worse. She didn’t have their numbers. Fuck, she didn’t even have their real names. Why was she in such a panic when she didn’t even know their real names? A stinging slap on her cheek broke her from her panic.

“Pull it the fuck together.” Melissa grabbed her chin hard, and Reaper nodded. She could do this. She wasn’t some virgin in need of rescue. She looked to Death, who was on the phone, but his grim expression didn’t bode well.

“No answer from any of them,” he mumbled before dialing another number. They all waited as the phone rang, and then a voice answered.

“Bullet, Death here. We think something might be wrong at the clubhouse. I’m heading there now, but we’re an hour away. How close are you?” Death listened and then swore before hanging up. “Bullet and Priest is a few hours away. Priest had a tire blow out on him.”

“Melissa?” Reaper looked at her oldest friend, and relief went through her when the woman nodded.

“I’ll go get Charles, and we’ll follow you there. Drive safely.”

Reaper nodded and started her bike. Fuck, she hoped she wasn’t too late.

Reaper stood beside her bike, waiting for the all-clear from Charles. Death was pacing back and forth in front of his bike, clearly not happy someone else was calling the shots. Melissa was leaning against the side of her mustang, following every move Death made. She suddenly stood up and touched her ear, and Reaper’s whole body tensed.

“Charles took out a sniper east of here. He has eyes on two men tied to chairs and one on the floor. He can’t see any hostiles, so we need to be careful.”

“What are we supposed to do? Go in unarmed?” Death asked, glaring at Melissa.

“Don’t worry, I got you covered.” Melissa opened the trunk and pulled up the cover. She handed Reaper two guns, then two to Death before taking two for herself. “If we need more bullets than this…”

“… We’re dead anyway,” Reaper finished for her. It was Melissa’s favorite saying. The woman was a strong believer in one bullet, one kill.

They started down the road, walking in the deep shadows still covering the streets. There was another hour till sunrise. The gate to the property was opened enough to let a man sneak through, and they used it to gain entry. The front door was open, and Reaper felt worry niggle into her lungs, stealing her breath. She closed down on it hard, pushing everything away. She had a job to do, and she was good at it.

She and Melissa made their way into the hallway while Death moved around the house, ready to take down anyone who might be guarding the outside. They reached the kitchen, where they could hear talking. They looked at each other, and Melissa nodded towards the door at the end. Reaper turned and made her way down there. They couldn’t risk shooting anyone in the kitchen in case someone was with the hostages.

She reached the door and looked back at Melissa before falling to her knee and pushing the door open. She swept the room from her position, ignoring the shooting coming from behind. No one moved in the room, but the scent of blood was heavy in the air, and she had to fight hard to keep her calm. She got to her feet and nearly dropped her weapons when she spotted Wolf slumped over in a chair facing the door.

Part 22

If you’re new to this serial, you can find part 1 right HERE


Phantom leaned back on the couch and watched the two men Death had left to guard them. Wind and Bull. He and Wolf were the only ones left. The others had been ordered away by Death, and Phantom made sure to let them know not to set foot back at the club before he gave them permission.

Wind was reading some paperback by the bar, and Bull played pool with Wolf. Phantom didn’t blame the two men. They were just following orders, and like him and Wolf, they had been pulled into a family drama that had clearly been brewing for a long time.

Reaper had a daughter. He swallowed a mouthful of beer and tried to put the Reaper he had gotten to know together with a Reaper that had a child. In his head, the two versions just didn’t fit. But then, what did he even know about Reaper. He hadn’t known she had a daughter or was related to Death. He hadn’t known anything about her. He shook himself mentally. What did it even matter? They had spent a few days with her. Fucked her for one night, and now she was gone. He refused to look closer at why that made his stomach cramp.

The sound of breaking glass drew all of their attention. Phantom pushed from the couch and looked at the three men.

“Wait here,” Bull said and grabbed a gun before moving towards the hallway. Two soft pops sounded then a body collapsed on the floor. Phantom grabbed for his own gun but remembered he didn’t have it. Fuck. The glass in one of the windows broke, and Wind fell to the floor, cursing. Blood colored his t-shirt over his shoulder.

“Get down on the floor, or we’ll take you out,” someone called from the hallway. Phantom and Wolf glanced at each other before doing as told. They were unarmed, and the enemy had a sniper. Not much they could do. Two men in black from head to toe came in, and Phantom quickly found himself zip-tied to a chair. Wolf sat across from him, tied to his own chair. Wind was still on the floor, arms and legs tied, and the blood under him kept spreading.

“All clear,” one of the men in black yelled, and a man walked into the room. He wore jeans and a button-down, his short hair more grey than black. He stopped in front of Phantom and eyed his cut before crouching down so they were at eye level.

“A little bird told me that the reaper came knocking, but it seems like she already left. I want to know where.” 

Phantom just glared at the man.

“Ah, so you’re the silent type. What about your friend here.” The man turned and faced Wolf. When Wolf didn’t say anything either, the man gave a deep sigh.

“Why do you have to make it so difficult. Well, I guess I’ll just have to make you talk.” The man stepped back, and one of the men in all black stepped closer, wearing a pair of Brass Knuckles.

Pain, so much fucking pain. Phantom fought to breathe deep even though his broken ribs screamed at every move he made. He had forgotten how much it hurt. Having his hands restrained on his back didn’t help. He blinked to remove the blood that ran into his eyes and studied Wolf, sitting on a chair across the room. Blood dripped from Wolf’s nose and lips, and he slumped in the chair, not looking at anyone. But Phantom could see the tension in his body. Wind was on the ground, passed out. Phantom wasn’t even sure the guy was alive any longer. Their attackers had ignored him, but the blood from the bullet wound in his shoulder had formed a big pool underneath him, and the guy looked deadly pale.

They were truly fucked, and Phantom had no idea what the hell he could do. He glanced at the closed door and then around them, but no one was in the room with them.

“Wolf,” he said barely above a whisper. Wolf didn’t react, and Phantom wanted to curse. Wolf was his best friend, and with Reaper in the picture, he might have been something more. They lived a dangerous life. Being a Son of War meant that the chance of reaching sixty was slim, but it was a choice both of them had made and a fact that both of them were fine with. Never, though, had Phantom thought his early death would come by the hands of some fucking mafia guy.

“Wolf,” he tried again, and this time Wolf stirred a little. It seemed like it took great effort for Wolf to lift his head, and when he finally managed, his gaze was unfocused. Fuck.

“Fuck, Wolf, what the hell have we done this time,” Phantom said, and Wolf managed a loopy smile. They had been in a lot of bad situations over the years but always had each other’s backs.

The door from the hallway opened, and the guy that had beaten them walked in. He had removed his black face mask, and Phantom saw crazy dance in his eyes.

The guy didn’t say anything, and Phantom wasn’t going to beg for his life, especially when he knew it would do him no good. But Phantom couldn’t stop himself from tensing when the guy flipped open a knife and grabbed Wolf’s hair.

“Maybe I can help make him even more pretty,” he said. Phantom barely held back a scream of pure rage as the blade was put to Wolf’s forehead and cut down the left side of his head. Wolf growled, but even Phantom could see his struggles were weak. Whatever had happened during Wolf’s beating, it was pretty clear it had taken the fight out of Wolf.

Part 21

If you’re new to this serial, you can find part 1 right HERE


She thought she had let go of it. That she had dealt with the aftermath. But it took less than an hour in the same room as her dad for all her walls to come down and her anger to rush back. She had to deal with it. She had to get it under control. She took a deep breath and did the only thing she knew would work. She shut down. Her mind went empty, filled with white noise, and everything became sharper, more focused. The smells around her, the noise, and Death moving closer.


She followed Death’s every move, but she didn’t react when he touched her and took her knife away.

“Everyone out,” Death said, but he never looked away from her.

“Boss?” A big guy with a shaved head and what looked to be a tree tattoo stretching up his neck and naked head took a step closer.

“Don’t argue with me, Wind. Just do it.”

“Sure thing, Boss.” The guy turned, and people began leaving the room. Reaper felt Phantom and Wolf’s eyes on her, but she didn’t look away from Death.

“You too,” Death ordered Phantom and Wolf.

“No, we’re staying,” Phantom said, and Reaper felt the energy in the room heighten.

Death glared over his shoulder before focusing back on Reaper, and she met his gaze head-on.

“Reaper, don’t do this. I didn’t leave you. I would gladly have given up everything if I could have gotten you home safe. But I had no idea where they held you, and every attack on them would have been taken out on you.”

Reaper stepped out of his hold and away from the bar so she wasn’t trapped. “I waited for you. I kept telling myself that you would come. That the Sons of War protected their family. That they wouldn’t rest until they found me. But you never came. I…” She drew in a ragged breath and blinked the tears from her eyes. “I lost me. I had to leave who I was behind just to survive.”

“I know, and I’m so, so, sorry. I tried keeping you safe. I never wanted this life to be yours.” Death took a step closer and slowly wrapped her in his arms. She clung to him and cried. She cried for everything she had lost in that year.

“I want you to come home. You and Emily,” Death whispered in her ear when her sobs finally quieted down, and the tears dried up. She pushed back and studied his face.

“No, we’re not coming back. Me and Emily, we have a life, a good life. I’m not dragging her into this world.”

“A good life? You’re a contract killer. Where is your daughter right now? Who’s taking care of her while you are out killing people?”

“Emily is safe and well cared for.” Reaper crossed her arms over her chest, glaring at her dad. Emily was with Marston, and Melissa and Charles should be there too. Nothing would happen to her daughter as long as Marston was around. He loved her as his own and had the skills to take down anyone who even thought about touching a hair on her head.

She saw the change in Death, the tightening of his jaw, the focus in his eyes. He wasn’t her dad anymore, but the man that kept every Sons of War member in line. He was the man who had killers shaking by the mention of his name. He pulled his phone from his pocket, and a few seconds later, the door opened, and two men stepped in. One was the guy with the tree tattoo.

She glanced at Wolf and Phantom, standing behind Death, looking frozen in place. Not that she blamed them. This wasn’t exactly what they signed up for when they took her to bed. She just regretted they didn’t have more than a single night together.

“We can’t let you take her,” Phantom suddenly said, a hard edge to his voice.

“You can’t let me?” Death asked. Reaper suddenly wanted to close her eyes, go to sleep and wake up to find it had all just been a nightmare. 

“We claimed her last night. You can’t touch another man’s property.” Phantom’s words send spikes of fear through her.

“You claimed her?” Death asked as if he wasn’t sure he had heard that right. Reaper wished he hadn’t. “You fucked my daughter?” The anger in Death’s voice fueled her own. She had pulled on all her training to push her anger down, to keep a cool head, but now it all surfaced. She punched him squarely in the jaw. “You do not get to dictate who the fuck I sleep with.”

“I do if my own brothers fucking betray me.” Death glared at her and rubbed his jaw.

“Betrayed you? They didn’t even know who I was.” Reaper kept an eye on the two newcomers, but they just looked on with a mix of surprise and confusion.

“No, they just thought that fucking someone I told them to keep an eye on was a good idea.” Death looked at the two men, and nothing more was needed. The two men broke from their stillness and advanced on Phantom and Wolf.

“We haven’t broken any rules,” Phantom said as he faced his opponent, but Reaper could see it in Death’s face. He was angry, and someone would take the fall.

“If you forget about this, I’ll let you meet Emily.” She wanted to take the words back as soon as she said them, but one look at Wolf and Phantom standing there, ready to fight for her, and she couldn’t regret them. Few people in her life had fought for her.

Death held up his hand, and the two men stopped. “You’ll bring her to me?”

Reaper shook her head. “No, we meet on neutral ground.” There was no way in hell she was bringing Emily to Death’s place. If they set foot there, they would never leave again.

Death regarded her for a bit before nodding. “Fine. We leave today. My men stay here to make sure you don’t try to pull some stunt on me.”

Reaper nodded and spared a glance at Phantom and Wolf. Both men looked hard and cold, but she could see it in their eyes. They didn’t want her to leave. And somewhere, deep down in her gut, she didn’t want to leave either.

Part 20

If you’re new to this serial, you can find part 1 right HERE


Wolf stood near the pool tables and kept an eye on the guests. Brothers from all the nearby chapters had been arriving all evening, and now that the sun was setting, the party was getting loud and rowdy. It also made it harder for him to keep an eye on Reaper. He still wasn’t sure how the hell he was supposed to feel about the fact she was Death’s daughter. Deep down, he could understand why she had kept the information to herself, but mostly he felt an odd sense of betrayal. She had brought himself, Phantom and all their brothers in danger by not telling them. If Death found out what they had done, he would probably kill them all.

Sounds of a scuffle reached him, and he put his beer down on a table and moved through the mass of people. They might all be guests, but he was still the VP of this club, and he wasn’t about to let them destroy the clubhouse over a stupid fight. The men in front of him stepped aside, and he took in the scene, not sure how to react.

Reaper had one of his brothers from another chapter, Pete, pinned across the bar, a knife solid under his jaw. The tip of the blade was pressed hard enough against his skin to call forth a few drops of blood. Death or Phantom wasn’t anywhere nearby, so he walked closer to Reaper, keeping an eye on everyone around him. If one of his brothers made a wrong move, he had no doubt Reaper would take out Pete. She didn’t look scared or angry. She wasn’t even breathing hard. No, her eyes were cold, her face relaxed into a pleasant mask that revealed nothing. Wolf stared at her and felt a tendril of fear mixed with a heavy dose of arousal in his stomach.

“Reaper, what happened?” He spoke low, carefully, not interested in spooking her. He saw Phantom out the corner of his eye as the man broke through the watching people and took in everything.

“He attacked me,” she said in a voice that matched her cold exterior. She didn’t look away from Pete, but Wolf didn’t doubt for a second she knew everything that was happening around her. If he had had even a sliver of doubt about her being a killer for hire, it was all eradicated. Damn, the bitch was cold.

“You killed my brother,” Pete said, each word making a few more drops of blood run down his throat.

“Your brother?” Wolf asked, hoping that if he just kept them all talking, he could come up with a plan that wouldn’t get anyone killed.

“Vincent Morello. He was killed over a stupid fucking gambling dept. I joined the club so when I found his killer, I would have the strength to avenge him and my brothers to stand at my back. And now I find that his killer is here, being protected by us? What the fuck, man.” Pete struggled a bit, and to Wolf’s surprise, Reaper stepped back, looking at the man with a slight frown, her mask cracking a little.

“Vincent Morello. Little Vinnie.” Reaper’s frown deepened as if she was trying to remember something. “I remember him. Owed the New York Mob almost two hundred kilo. Killed three of their people before the contract was given to me. They wanted his death to be an example.”

Pete clenched his fists, but Wolf had him in his strong grip before he could make a move.

“An example? You fucking butchered him. I saw his body. I read the report. He had been skinned, fingers cut off, ear missing, a nail through his tongue, both knees busted, and beaten with what the coroner guessed was both a baseball bat and brass knuckles with spikes. His jaw was broken in fucking three places. He didn’t have a single rib that hadn’t been broken. You even fucking cut off his dick.” Pete sagged in Wolf’s hold, and Wolf let him fall to his knees. “Why? Why did you do it?”

Reaper looked Pete dead in the eye and said in a calm voice that made it run cold down Wolf’s back, “His contract was given to me.”

Pete surged to his feet, but Wolf caught him again. Reaper didn’t even flinch.

“Get him out of here, let him cool off a bit.” Death’s order came from behind him, and two men walked up and grabbed Pete, pulling him out of the house. 

“So it’s true then?” Death asked, his eyes hard and his body tense.

“What’s true?” Reaper stood alone in the circle of brothers. She looked relaxed, almost bored, and her face was still that cold mask that betrayed nothing. She had the naked knife in her hand, a few drops of blood clinging to the blade. Her other hand casually rested on the hilt of the knife at her hip. Wolf realized that the knife in her hand probably belonged to Pete.

“That you’re working for the Mob.”

Reaper didn’t deny Death’s accusation, and the older man ran a hand through his hair, looking frustrated.

“For fuck sake, Jennif-” Death started but was cut off by the knife that sliced into the floor between his legs.

“Do not fucking call me that. Jennifer died the day you decided she wasn’t worth rescuing because it could cost you your drug trade. The name is Jenny Reaper.”

Wolf tensed, not sure what the hell to do. He felt like a spectator, knowing everything would go wrong but not able to do a single fucking thing about it. His mind was utterly blank.

He watched Reaper turn and slam a knife into the belly of one of the brothers that had come up behind her. Before the man even registered what happened, Reaper yanked the blade free and backed up against the bar.