It’s taken me around 10 years to get to this point, but my first full length novel, DRAGONSLAYER, is finally published as an ebook.

It’s been such a nerve-wracking few months trying to get it ready, because let’s be honest here, it is totally my baby and letting it out into the public is a scary thing.

But I also know that it’s an awesome book, and I really want the world to read it and hopefully people will love it too.

So, I’ve been spending a lot of time getting used to different advertisement platforms this weekend. I already knew Facebook, but been doing Instagram and Amazon too.

Next step is getting it published in print, but I’m still waiting for my proof copy to arrive so I can make sure everything works outside a computer.

Also, can I just say that formatting a book for print is like wading through hell and back again a thousand times, lol. At least when it’s your first time and you constantly have to figure out how to get things to behave the way you want it to without messing everything else up.

But, it’s here, it’s live and if you’re interested, you can buy a copy on Amazon

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